Fukui Mai – Can Can / Promise You [3rd Single]

February 22, 2009 at 12:43 am (Fukui Mai) (, )


Fukui Mai’s 3rd single, entitled Can Can / Promise You, was released on 02.04.09.

Can Can allows Mai to try a more upbeat approach. The song starts off with Mai singing along in English to a simple acoustic instrumentation. She gives a very hopeful message as she sings “yes we can because we can, everybody say we can can do it.” Her vocals here are nice and have that naturalness to them that they always do. After a “1,2,3,4,” the instrumentation becomes more uptempo and the song becomes more interesting. On the verses, she provides ennjoyable vocals and although there is something slightly rough about them, it somehow works. Can Can is a nice song although it does sound a little samey since her vocals stay at the same level throughout and there is no real instrumental change.

The second A-side is Promise You. Mai’s voice is just better suited for ballads and this song is proof of that. There is a very magical feeling that comes through the instrumentation and her vocals during that section are heavenly. She hits the higher notes strongly and stays smooth throughout. This song definitely should have been the leading A-side because it’s a lot better.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Can Can was made. It was shot in black and white and just features Mai rocking at the drums. Honestly, the video was just plain boring and it would have been nice if more effort was put into it.

Single Ranking: B

Luckily, Mai picks up the slack from her last single with these two songs. Can Can does drag on a little despite not being a long song because there’s no particular diversity. Songs like Promise You are better suited for her type of voice and are a better indication of her talents. Hopefully her upcoming debut album will show that she can handle different sounds.

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