Tanimura Nana – Crazy for you [5th Single]

February 20, 2009 at 11:02 pm (Tanimura Nana) (, )


Tanimura Nana’s 5th single, Crazy for you, was released on 02.18.09.

Crazy for you is a pop song that continues the trend of showing off Nana’s fun side. The song begins with Nana singing “I’m crazy for you” before busting out a high note that is pretty unexpected. She pulls it off quite well so the listener’s interest is piqued. After a little pure instrumentation, she comes back in with the first verse. Her vocals are pretty good and the music is nice too although there is that certain Nana spark missing that stops it from being really addictive. The chorus has a little more energy and the opening phrase “I’m crazy for you” is definitely the standout point of the whole song. One part of the song that is really enjoyable is the third verse because there is such a feminine fragility to it that Nana’s voice really brings out. Syllables are accented nicely to make them pop and they really catch the listener’s ear. Throughout the song, Nana shows off her vocal prowess as she reaches high and sings with power. However she does so a bit too frequently and they end up sounding misplaced and un-necessary. Crazy for you definitely isn’t on the level of her previous singles but it’s by no means a bad song.

The single’s first B-side is Noisy. This song offers Nana the chance to try out rock sounds and unfortunately it ends up just sounding a little boring. There is no real standout part of the instrumentation and while her vocals are nice, they don’t really belong with the music and thus the two points don’t work as a team to grab the listener. It’s pretty disappointing after seeing some other great B-sides to have this one appear.

No Music, No Goodies, the second B-side, is a little bit than the previous B-side. There’s still something missing from this song to make it particularly memorable but there is kind of a jazzy feel to it that shows Nana trying out something new. I think the most disapointing thing about the song is that it doesn’t live up to it’s wonderful title. The song is called No Music, No Goodies so it definitely should have shown off Nana’s sexy side and been a hot dance track.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Crazy for you was made. The video continues to show Nana’s sexy side with scenes of her in a tight red jumpsuit performing dance moves. There is a certain Britney Spears vibe going on that works. Other scenes include Nana at a restaurant and Nana in a tunnel in an outfit similar to one worn in the JUNGLE DANCE PV. It’s not a particularly engaging video but I suppose it fits with the song.

Single Ranking: B

I must say I was quite disappointed in this single, not because it was bad but because it couldn’t follow in the footsteps of her last singles. If I’m not the one / SEXY SENORITA set the bar high and unfortunately, Crazy for you just fell flat. The instrumentation isn’t very strong and there were definitely moments where the vocals were a little showy. The B-sides definitely did not make the overall package any better and did not live up to the name of the B-sides of JUNGLE DANCE: Ooh… and Place of Love. Hopefully Nana will be delivering an album after this instead of another single and hopefully those album tracks will be closer to the atmosphere of her first four singles.

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  1. mace63 said,

    Wow. I totally love Noisy and I think it’s her best B-side ever! But that’s just my opinion! 🙂
    Crazy For You was a great single, IMO.

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