Matsuura Aya – チョコレート魂 [21st Single]

February 20, 2009 at 11:47 pm (Matsuura Aya) (, )


Matsuura Aya’s 21st single, entitled チョコレート魂, was released on 02.11.09.

チョコレート魂 is a cute song that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The opening instrumental really brings that cuteness to the front and then Aya comes through for the first verse. Her vocals are very pretty and carry that cuteness that go with the music perfectly. Unfortunately, the chorus falls a little flat. Although her vocals are nice, the instrumentation just doesn’t feel like a point of climax. A little more variety in that section would have made all the difference. The pure instrumentation section is okay but nothing particularly special. Overall this is definitely not one of Aya’s better songs as seen in comparison to her last studio album, which was very solid.

ガツン also fits with the whole Valentine’s Day atmosphere. Unfortunately, the instrumentation sounds way too similar to that of the A-side and comes off as sounding like a poor rehash. It definitely was not a wise idea to put the songs together like that and the song just isn’t all that special.

In order to promote the single, a PV for チョコレート魂 was made. The video is extremely simple, featuring Aya sitting in a room full of chocolate boxes. It’s very cheap and clearly not a lot of effort or money was put into making the video.

Single Ranking: C

After such a great album, it’s very disappointing to see this single released. Both songs are too similar sounding and neither sound particularly interesting. It’s really a shame.

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