aiko – milk / 嘆きのキス [25th Single]

February 20, 2009 at 11:33 pm (aiko) (, )


aiko’s 25th single, entitled milk / 嘆きのキス, was released on 02.18.09. 嘆きのキス was used as the theme song for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes Of Time.

milk is loveable uptempo number that aiko brings to life. Opening the song is a sweet upbeat instrumentation, highlighted by the sounds of the piano. Then as it goes on, a more jazzy and magical feeling comes through, really catching the listener’s ear. She comes in on the first verse and her vocals are wonderful as usual, perfectly supporting the sweet atmosphere established by the song. The parts where she vocalizes sound really nice and give the song that extra flavor. There is such a cute energy on the chorus that the listener can’t resist, which makes that section really stand out. She holds that last note very well and it leads the listener out wonderfully. The pure instrumental section sounds very enjoyable and puts a spotlight on how addictive the music really is. milk is an amazing upbeat song that shows off aiko’s personality for everyone to see.

On the other hand, 嘆きのキス slows down the tempo for the listener. The song begins with a very natural instrumental that sounds perfectly “aiko.” Then aiko sings the first verse and her vocals are pretty as always, going well with the music in establishing a certain soft and longing feeling. On the chorus, her vocals reach a little bit higher and the instrumentation compliments them to give even more magic to the song. As usual, the pure instrumentation is wonderful and the simplicity works in aiko’s favor with the focus being put on the piano and there’s something so pretty about that one section that really touches the listener’s heartstrings. 嘆きのキス is an absolutely beautiful song that is the perfect compliment to milk.

なんて一日 is the single’s B-side. The tempo is brought back up as seen through the opening instrumentation. On the first verse, aiko provides vocals that have a certain cuteness to them, going with the music quite nicely. She sounds nice on the chorus although it feels a little lacking, especially in comparison to the amazingness that is milk. It’s not as good as the A-sides but it’s still an enjoyable number that is a nice touch to this single.

In order to promote the single, a PV for milk was made. The video is very simple but it’s that simplicity that makes aiko shine. There is something very naturally beautiful about aiko and this video is a perfect reflection of that. Scenes include aiko singing on a stage with her band playing along as well as aiko walking around and singing, looking very cute. She shows so much sweetness in this video that you can’t help but love aiko.

A PV for 嘆きのキス was also made. The video is even simpler than the one for milk, just featuring aiko singing on a beach. There are scenes of her standing and of her playing the piano and the simplicity of the video definitely matches the simple beauty of the song.

Single Ranking: A

Once again, aiko shows us why she has stayed in the industry as long as she has. milk is a magnificent upbeat number which will leave the listener smiling while 嘆きのキス will touch the listeners’ soft spot in their heart. Both songs are amazing and they continue aiko’s streak of memorable songs.

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  1. cg said,

    I agree with your comments! This is a (another) great singles album by aiko.

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