Morning Musume – 泣いちゃうかも [38th Single]

February 14, 2009 at 5:51 pm (Morning Musume) (, )


Morning Musume’s 38th single, entitled 泣いちゃうかも, was released on 02.18.09.

泣いちゃうかも continues the trend of addictive upbeat Morning Musume songs. The song begins with four different girls, each repeating かも (Reina, Risa, Eri then Ai) and then a hot upbeat instrumentation comes in, catching the listener’s ear. Ai and Reina then switch off for the first verse and both girls’ vocals do a good job of communicating the emotional charge of the song, particularly Ai on that last phrase. One of the catchiest parts of the song is the two line set before the chorus that features a slightly different instrumentation and is sung by a pair of girls. The pairs are divided as followed: Reina and Risa, Ai and Eri. The chorus is very addictive, particularly because of the solo lines portray a lot of emotion. However they perfectly paired the girls together so that the vocals throughout stay strong. Like many of Morning Musume songs, the pure instrumental section is one to be remembered and re-introduces the chorus very nicely. Overall, 泣いちゃうかも is a great song and is a great gateway to the girls’ next album, Platinum 9 Disc.

弱虫 is the single’s B-side. Finally, we have something cool sounding song for the B-side as Risa and Sayumi deliver some wonderful vocals on this hot track. The song starts off with a very sleek and almost mysterious instrumental that gives off a sort of desert feeling. Risa’s vocals are wonderful, staying  smooth and entrancing throughout. It’s interesting because she seems to show off a true vocal ability I hadn’t seen from her until now. She sounds wonderful and it really gives her the chance to shine. Sayumi also has her part and although not as strong as Risa, she does her thing on the track. The whole Arabian influence really brought out the best in these girls and showcases their vocal talents.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 泣いちゃうかも was made. The video is a strong visual reflection of the songs, showing both a coolness and an emotional presence. Scenes of the video include dancing scenes as well as scenes of each girl in the rain, just looking sad. Honestly, the dancing could have been a lot stronger but it was nice for what it is. Some of the girls really portrayed the sorrow of the song better than others such as Ai and Risa. There were also scens of the girls behind a window looking sad and JunJun stood out here particularly as she looked beautiful. It was a pretty good video and some more intricate dancing would have made it even better.

Single Ranking: A +

Once again, Morning Musume delivers a quality single. 泣いちゃうかも is one addictive dance song that is home to a world of emotions much like リゾナント ブルー. Even the B-side is enjoyable, taking on an Arabian atmosphere to entice the listener. It’s a great single that paves a golden way for Platinum 9 Disc.

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