BoA – 永遠 / UNIVERSE featuring Crystal Kay & Verbal / Believe In LOVE featuring BoA (Acoustic Version) [27th Single]

February 14, 2009 at 7:02 pm (BoA) (, )


BoA’s 27th single, entitled 永遠 / UNIVERSE featuring Crystal Kay & Verbal / Believe In LOVE featuring BoA (Acoustic Version), was released on 02.18.09.

永遠 is a midtempo pop song that has that cuteness and sorrow that can’t be overlooked. Opening the song is some vocalizations that support the instrumentation quite well and introduces the listener to the first verse. BoA’s vocals are actually really good here and she effortlessly moves to the higher notes very nicely. However it’s the chorus that really stands strong as she delivers even stronger vocals and the beat comes in heavier, making for a nice dance section. The following repeating “why did you say bye bye” is one of the standout parts of the song and really gets stuck in the listener’s head. It’s a great song and certainly one to look out for from BoA.

The 2nd A-side is definitely the best one of the three, UNIVERSE featuring Crystal Kay and VERRBAL. The trio team up for a groovy and funky dance song that will leave you excited. The song starts off with a really cool instrumental before VERBAL delivers a short rap that shows off his cool attitude. BoA then steps in for the first verse and her vocals are strong, supporting the music very well. Some of the English phrases include “DNA” and “life is a surive race,” which might sound strange but pop out to the listener. Crystal Kay then comes in for the hook and delivers some soulful vocals that are perfect for this song. She sounds great when she sings “You know? Brand new feel, only one you feel.” The chorus is addictive as BoA and Crystal Kay sing together as their vocals actually compliment each other’s really well. BoA does have a tendency to outsing Crystal here but I suppose it’s her song afterall. All the English is kind of hard to understand is a bit non-sensical such as “DJ play & digi style” but it’s a really catchy part of the song. Also the “hey” delivered by Crystal is infectious (BoA says her “hey” in the second verse and it’s really cute). VERBAL’s longer rap section is wonderful as his voice really stands out and is a good compliment to the overall atmosphere of the song. UNIVERSE is one of the best songs BoA has delivered in a long time so teaming up with Crystal and VERBAL definitely was a good idea.

The acoustic version of Believe in LOVE (the original is more upbeat and infectious version done by ravex featuring BoA) is included as the third A-side. There isn’t much to say about the song except that it’s just all right. It’s nowhere as good as the original version and at first listen, it might even sound boring but it’s quite the grower. There’s no vocal change so there isn’t that much to comment on except that the guitar sounds quite pretty but it just doesn’t stand as strongly as the original.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 永遠 was made. It’s a video from BoA so of course there has to be some dancing in it. She definitely shows us what she’s got, delivering some wonderful moves here that suit the song well (although the wall dancing was a bit out of place). There are also scenes of BoA wearing a hat, in which she looks very cute as well as scenes of BoA in her house, just thinking. It’s a pretty good video and definitely one that suits the song well.

Single Ranking: A

BoA delivered on this single as both 永遠 and UNIVERSE are wonderful songs that show BoA’s range. She can deliver her midtempo numbers and addictive dance numbers. UNIVERSE is definitely the best song that the single offers and will make you want to dance. The acoustic version of Believe in LOVE is nice although nothing to write home about. Overall, a solid single worth the listen.

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