Koda Kumi – show girl + JUST THE WAY YOU ARE [PV Review]

February 7, 2009 at 11:43 pm (Koda Kumi) (, )


Available on the 1st DVD of Koda Kumi’s new album, TRICK, are two album PVs for show girl and JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

kkshowgirlThe first new PV is for show girl. The video begins with a black and white scene of Kumi and her boyfriend. She pleads him not to go but he does anyone, which prompts the absolutely hilarious scene of Kumi crying (as seen to your left). She sees the majestic show girls on stage and with a flyer that states the company is looking for new dancers, Kumi forms a plan. After impressing the judges with her sexy moves, she gets accepted and prepares for the show. On the chorus, she appears with the other girls and shows the crowd what she’s got. The other primary scene of the video is of Kumi sitting in a chair, wearing a fur coat and being fabulous and she is adored by everyone. Seeing the new Kumi, the old boyfriend comes into the crowd and tries to get her back. However she remembers how cold to her he was and gives him the “no finger.” An old man then appears in the crowd and offers her a gorgeous necklace, which she gladly accepts. They begin to walk off together but Kmi fakes a trip so that the people come rushing to check if she’s okay, pushing the man to the back. During that final instrumental sequence, the video’s credits roll and it’s hilarious that almost every single aspect of the video is done by Kuu. Every single thing you can name, she did it: editing, lighting, costumes, casting, makeup designer, nailist, etc. In fact, the only thing not done by her is the choreography and her dancers.

The PV for JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is much more simple but that’s why it’s a perfect fit for the song. Scenes from this video include Kumi and her friends chatting a restaurant, the group walking through an amusement park, the girls having fun one of the rides (which is a very fun ride) as well a scene of Kumi on a merry-go-round. The video is absolutely adorable and it really communicates the whole theme of friendship. It will make the viewer want to smile along with Kumi and her friends.

PV Rankings: A +


  1. Karen said,

    JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is really cute . show girl’s just awesome & so deserved to get a PV , I just like it hands down & it’s no doubt 1 of the stronger album tracks in TRICK

  2. amaiyume said,

    I love the beginning scene of show girl!! It’s just too funny XD
    Actually, the PV made me like the song more so thats definitely a plus

    And the JUST THE WAY YOU ARE PV is sooo adorable. It definitely fits the atomsphere of the song

  3. Karen said,

    lmao yeah the beg of show girl’s so funny & did you see the ending credits of the PV ? classic !

  4. amaiyume said,

    OMG I know!!!!!!
    It’s like EVERYTHING done by Koda Kumi!!! That made me laugh soooo hard!
    hahhaa, that was just toooo funny

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