Koda Kumi – stay with me [42nd Single]

February 5, 2009 at 8:57 pm (Koda Kumi) (, )


Koda Kumi’s 42nd single, entitled stay with me, was released on 12.24.08. The title track was used as the au Lismo CM song as well as the Sony Ericsson CM song.

stay with me is a beautiful and emotional winter ballad about being separated from the person you love. The song begins with a very pretty instrumentation that immediately evokes an emotional response in the listener. Then Kumi tooks the reign for the first verse and her vocals are so smooth here, complimenting the music perfectly. The English line “I remember you with all your smile” stands out very nicely as does the last phrase “never end,” which introduces the chorus perfectly. The chorus is definitely what makes this song so memorable as Kumi gives even more vocal power and emotion, making sure the listener understands the story of the song. She sings “stay with me” and surprisingly in those three words, come so much emotion. One part of the song that truly stands out is the instrumental section that follows the second chorus since it’s just absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and really captures the winter feeling. Following a similar instrumental pattern is the third verse, sung with more great vocals and emotion. stay with me is another one of Kuu’s fantastic winter ballads but manages to separate itself from the pack and catch the listener’s attention.

kumistay1Keeping with the wintery theme of the single is the more cheerful B-side, Winter Bell. Beginning the song is a sweet relaxing instrumental and when Kumi comes in to sing, she supports the atmosphere very well. Her vocals are kind of on the cute side during the first verse and there is just something about the song that will make you smile. Overall, Winter Bell is more of a generic song but it does support the overall feeling of the single well and it is a nice contrast to the A-side by providing a sweeter and more upbeat atmosphere.

In order to promote the single, a PV for stay with me was made. The video is simple but absolutely beautiful. It starts with Kumi awaiting a call or message from her boyfriend and after she grows impatient, she sends him a message asking him what he’s doing. He responds very apathetically, which leaves her feeling bad. The scenes of Kumi standing at her window, watching the snow fall, are wonderful as she really portrays the emotion of the song. Then she goes to the train station and waits for him and she continues to show emotions wonderfully as the snow decorates the sky. Various times, she thinks that he is there but he ends up disappearing (similar to the scene in Moon Crying). In the end, he finds her waiting on a bench and greets her, making her happy. Overall, the PV is a great visual portrayal of the emotions in the song and is successful in communicating them to the viewer.

Single Ranking: A +

Kumi continuously delivers quality material with stay with me. The title track is a wonderful winter ballad that shows emotion and longing, perfect for the time of the season. Winter Bell takes on the more cheery approach and although it’s a little generic, it’s still enjoyable. She definitely stepped it up with the final single before TRICK.


  1. Karen said,

    The PV for stay with me would have better without the guy lmao . At least the alternate version of it is better

    Winter Bell’s just too cute for words

  2. Karen said,

    I mean would have been better sorry . I wasn’t really feeling stay with me that much but it’s a grower for sure

  3. amaiyume said,

    hahaha, I agree. The alternate version was better because she showed her emotions more I think and there was a crying scene

    Although the ending was better in the original because you could see the guy 🙂

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