Nishino Nana – Open your eyes [Debut Single]

February 1, 2009 at 4:07 am (Nishino Nana) (, )


Nishino Nana’s debut single, entitled Open your eyes, was released on 01.28.09.

Open your eyes is a fun song that will make you feel relaxed. She starts the song off on a fun way with some vocalizations and soon the instrumentation comes in, propelling that fun and lighthearted atmosphere. Her vocals on the first verse are actually pretty strong and she doesn’t hold back in showing them off, giving the listener a real feeling of confidence. The transition into the chorus does feel a little rushed so it might be hard to notice when it starts at first. She gives an even stronger vocal performance on the chorus but her voice sounds better on the verses and much more polished. There is kind of a rap thing going on during the third verse and it really adds to the light breezy atmosphere established by the instrumentation.

The first B-side of the single is Let it go. Opening the song is a pop rock instrumentation somewhat similar to that of the title track but there is more of a solid atmosphere that is somber. Her vocals on the first verse are wonderful, truly portraying genuine emotion and remaining smooth. When it comes to the chorus, it does sound a little generic but her voice goes nicely with it. Overall, the verses are very enjoyable while the chorus is somewhat of a letdown but the song as a whole nicely shows off her vocal chops.

Strangely enough, the second B-side is a cover of American pop teen sensation Miley Cyrus’ song Nobody’s Perfect (from her original series Hannah Montana). It seems like a strange choice to cover this song but she did choose one of her better songs and she pulls off the pronounciation and attitude of the song very well. So it’s a nice addition to the single as it channels those rock sounds that fit with her general sound.

In order to promote the single, two PVs were made: one for Open your eyes and the other for Let it go. The video for Open your eyes features dancing scenes and scenes of Nana just rocking out with her band. Her dancing is pretty impressive so it’s a treat seeing this newcomer show us what she’s got. Hopefully she’ll be showing off her dancing skills even more in the future.

In contrast to the PV for Open your eyes, the PV for Let it go is a solitary one. It features scenes of Nana dancing and various close-ups and solo shots that show her portraying the emotions of the song. She looks pretty and it does suit the atmosphere of the song quite well.

Single Ranking: B

Nishino Nana certainly came onto the scene with an enjoyable single. All the songs have a sort of pop-rock vibe that suits her vocals well. Let it go comes as the best song on the single and emerges as a memorable number. Even the cover of the Hannah Montana song came out nicely.

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