Nishino Kana – Make Up [4th Single]

February 1, 2009 at 4:53 am (Nishino Kana) (, )


Nishino Kana’s 4th single, entitled Make Up, was released on 01.28.09. Both the title track and B-side, Kirari, are featured in the theater adaptation of the cellphone anime Chocolate Underground.

Kana shows her cute and girly side on Make Up. The song begins with a sweet midtempo instrumentation with some electric influences that relax the listener. Kana’s vocals on the first verse are smooth and carry a certain cuteness that makes her irresistable. The first high note she hits sounds angelic but the following ones do sound a little shrill. The chorus is very enjoyable as there’s just a light-hearted and cute girly feel to it that the listener can really get into. There are these moments in the instrumentation when the music goes slightly higher and even though it might be hard to catch, they are ear-catching once they are realized. The instrumentation takes on a fabulous feeling as her vocals are distorted and honestly, it sounds absolutely incredible. The whole should have been done in this tone as her distorted voice really matches the electronic influences that propel the song. Make Up is a very enjoyable song and probably Kana’s best song to date so it’s definitely worth the listen.

kana2Kirari is the single’s first B-side. There is the first verse, which is very pretty. Her vocals are very sweet and show emotion, complimenting the sweetness of the music. Things take an interesting tone for the chorus as it sounds a bit like a toy march as a clear beat comes in and provides more flavor to the twinkling instrumentation. This song follows a very straight-forward pattern and it supports Kana’s vocals perfectly. Everything about this song is angelic and it could have definitely stood on its own as an A-side.

We come to a more upbeat song, Sherie. The music has a true coolness about it while still keeping that fun spirit that is Kana. Her vocals are wonderful and the combination of the two give a feeling of floating away. Although the chorus does get a little tiresome with the constant repetition of “Sherie.” Overall though it’s a nice song, despite not being a particularly blow-away track like the previous ones.

Included on this single as the final B-side is Make, which was the original version of Make Up. Honestly, there was no real point in adding this onto the single since it basically sounds exactly like Make Up. There are slight lyrical changes along with a few vocal changes as well. There is no reason for the song to be here but Make Up is nice so I suppose it’s no harm, no foul.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Make Up was made. Fitting with the girly atmosphere of the song, the video features Kana and various girls just being girls and having a party. There are also scenes of Nana singing into a microphone and looking very fashionable. Although not a very eventful video, it certainly fits the atmosphere of the song well.

Single Ranking: A

Without a doubt, this is the most solid single release from Nishino Kana. Make Up and Kirari are both amazing songs that show a new side of Nana, one definitely worth getting acquainted with. Sherie is nice and Make was un-necessary but if anything, the first two songs seal this single as a memorable one.

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