KinKi Kids – 約束 [28th Single]

January 30, 2009 at 9:01 pm (KinKi Kids) (, )


KinKi Kids’ 28th single, entitled 約束, was released on 01.28.09.

約束 is a sweet love song that the boys bring to life. The song begins with a midtempo French influenced instrumental that immediately catches the listener’s ear. Then it’s the first verse and the vocals here are very smooth, supporting the music perfectly and illuminating a certain romantic aspect. There is a slight instrumental change on the chorus and it makes this section stand out and the boys show off their vocals more strongly, especially on that last note. The pure instrumental section is magnificent, spotlighting the guitar and re-introducing the vocals very nicely. 約束 is an excellent love song that will keep the listener hooked from start to end.

Present on both editions of the single is the first B-side, ユメハジメハナ. The song somewhat takes after 約束 in terms of sound although it feels like a watered down version of it. The instrumentation isn’t nearly as engaging as the title track though the vocals were still nice. I can appreciate the attempt to keep some uptempo stuff to this single but the execution was quite poor.

旅立ちの日 is only found on the limited edition of the single. It’s another slow song that follows a similar sound to Loving. It relies on a simplistic instrumentation so that the spotlight is on the boys’ voices. Unfortunately, the vocals aren’t anything amazing and the instrumentation just sounds so generic that it comes across as just another song.

Loving is the B-side exclusive to the regular edition. Opening the song is the piano, immediately presenting an emotional base for the listener. Then comes the first verse and the vocals are nice although there is something so “already done” about the instrumentation that it stands in the way of the song being very memorable. The chorus follows this same pattern as the boys show good vocal strength but the music sounds generic although the ending “loving you” was nice. The song is okay but it doesn’t really stand out as very memorable or engaging one.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 約束 was made. The video is extremely simple, generally just featuring the boys standing and singing the song. There are many special effects centering around light and darkness as the video is shot entirely in black and white. They could have made a much more enjoyable video but it’s okay for what it is.

Single Ranking: B –

It’s sad to say that KinKi Kids did not bring such a quality release last time. Only 約束 really stands out as being interesting while the three B-sides all sound generic and “done before.” This single release is made all the more disappointing after their last single, Secret Code, which was amazing from every angle.


  1. Karen said,

    er guess Yakusoku was a bit too moody for your liking Kevin ? haha

    I love it on whole , I even bought both editions of the single & this song sees them returning back to their roots when debut single Glass no Shounen was 1st released 12 years ago .

    ユメハジメハナ is my fave B-side outta the 3 , too bad you didn’t review the B-side that’s only available in the limited edition

  2. amaiyume said,

    haha, I liked Yakusoku but the rest of the single was soo blah 😦
    I don’t understand how they could bring this after the amzingness of Secret Code…I guess it has been a while…

    Wait, I thought Tabidachi no Hi was the B-side on the limited edition. Is there another one that I missed?

  3. Karen said,

    yes Tabidachi no Hi’s the 3rd B-side & only available in the LE . Sorry I didn’t said it earlier on lol you prob was mistaken in the 1st paragraph I said

    & I agree with you , the B-sides this time round are not as good as the ones in Secret Code . All are quite mellow & not really that upbeat

    guess’s to fit Yakusoku ?

  4. amaiyume said,

    I guess you might be right. Secret Code was an enjoyable upbeat number and the whole single kinda reflected that sound and the same goes for the softer feeling of Yakusoku…next time, they should do something upbeat / dancey 🙂

  5. Karen said,

    I want another Anniversary if possible ❤ . KAT-TUN’s Kame was singing a little bit of it during the making of LIPS & gaaa that moment was classic @_@ together with TaNaka’s combo beatboxing

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