AAA – 旅ダチノウタ [20th Single]

January 30, 2009 at 7:32 pm (AAA) (, )


AAA’s 20th single, entitled 旅ダチノウタ, was released on 01.14.09. Both the B-sides of this single were used as promotional songs: piece of my word was used the new CM song for Kyoto Kimono Yuzen Co. Ltd. while mosaic was the theme song for Mirai Seiki Shakespeare, featuring AAA themselves.

旅ダチノウタ is a sweet song centering around the concept of departure. The song starts off with a sweet instrumental that catches the listener’s ears and soon some vocals come in and they compliment the overall pretty and delicate atmosphere very well. Following is the first verse and Nissy does a very good job of portraying emotion as he’s given the biggest part here. Urata and Chiaki also do their job well and their line together really shines. Everyone comes together for the chorus and their vocals really go well together and Urata and Nissy’s solo lines sound great. The rap section did feel a little out of place (especially that last line, which was particularly awkward) but it did allow the listener to get a better feel for the instrumentation. 旅ダチノウタ is a great song primarily because of the openness and emotional presence that the members bring to it, allowing the listener to really connect with them.

The first B-side is piece of my word, a song sung by the two girls of the group. Opening the song is a relaxing and calm instrumental that also carries a certain nostalgic atmosphere to it. Then the first verse begins and the vocals here really portray emotion, catching the listener’s ear. The chorus is nice although a litle generic. The vocals are wonderful as the girls’ really sound strong together. piece of my word is a pretty good song but it does seem slightly generic and it drags on since it is a pretty long song, clocking in at over five minutes.

mosaic is the second B-side. The song begins with an upbeat and fun instrumental that is a welcome change from the previous two tracks. After a funky introduction, the first verse arrives and although upbeat, there is a still a mellow feel to it that sounds great. The vocals coming from each member or wonderful, particularly Nissy’s and Misako’s. The chorus is absolutely wonderful since those vocals continue to portray the fun atmosphere of the song and the “how does it feel?” really pops.Misako’s solo section is wonderful since her vocals are shown off strongly and the following pure instrumental section puts a spotlight on the guitar, adding to the song’s true funkiness. mosaic is a perfect song and it really should have been the title track.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 旅ダチノウタ was made. The video is very simple, fitting with the simplistic and sweet atmosphere of the song. The main setting is of the group standing around / sitting on a play structure under a beautiful night sky as they remember fond memories. All of the members show their emotions very well, showing off their ability to connect with the music. The theme of the song as seen from the title is “departure” and there is a very nostalgic feeling about this song communicated through this PV.

Single Ranking: A –

AAA’s first single of the year certainly starts them off on a good note. The A-side and piece of my word both carry a nostalgic feeling that have fueled rumors of the group’s breakup. mosaic is the real star song of the single, showing the group’s strength: upbeat numbers. Hopefully their new album will deliver the same quality and the rumors of their split are just that: rumors.

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