Takizawa Hideaki – 愛・革命 [Debut Solo Single]

January 29, 2009 at 12:32 am (Takizawa Hideaki) (, )


Takizawa Hideaki’s debut solo single, entitled 愛・革命, was released on 01.07.09. The title track was used as the theme song for the musical Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei.

The A-side is the catchy Spanish influenced track, 愛・革命. Opening the song is the piano, immediately bringing an emotional presence. Soon Tackey dives into the first verse and there is something so charming about his vocals here, that the listener can’t help but feel the magic of the song. Soon, the instrumentation changes and turns into a Spanish upbeat number. His vocals sound great here, staying very sweet and still portraying the emotions of the song perfectly. The chorus has a sort of typical feeling that somehow works here instead of coming across as just generic. Like many other songs prove, Spanish influences perfectly suit Johnny’s boys’ voices and 愛・革命 is no exception.

With Love is a wonderful love song that Tackey gives life to. The song starts off with a very pretty instrumental that gives off a sweet magical feeling. There are some traditional sounding instruments that make their way into the music and they add to the interest level. His vocals on the first verse are nice and they go nice with the simplicity and beauty of the piano. He shows off his vocal strength on the chorus and the emotions coming flowing out with love. He hits his notes on the last phrase “with love” perfectly and it makes the listener believe him. There is more of a beat during the second verse and it adds to the song’s sweet quality. With Love is a great song that shows off Tackey’s ability to communicate the emotion of love.

Single Ranking: B +

Tackey certainly brought a quality release for his debut single. The title track takes on Spanish influences to make a catchy upbeat number while the B-side sticks to the more emotional path for a ballad. It’s a great way to introduce the world to Tackey’s style of solo music.


  1. aki said,

    i like your review on this.
    it sounds honest and sincere.
    thank you for sharing your thought about this single. ^^

    i always bump into your site everytime i’m googling around on jpop.
    this is a really cool site.

  2. amaiyume said,

    thanks so much!!!!
    I’m glad you are enjoying the site!

  3. Karen said,

    For a debut single it’s pretty good although the ‘i love you shake’ part is CHEESY :S

    other than that good stuff Tackey , I bought the single somemore 😀 shouldn’t you review Home Party !! as well ? a bit odd not seeing it on here

  4. amaiyume said,

    oh yeah, I was going to review it but couldn’t find it on imeem so I just left it alone. Hopefully I’ll find it and then have time to give it a proper addition to the post 🙂

  5. Karen said,

    anyway you’re not missing that much for Home Party !! case because it’s not really a good b-side . Yamapi & Kanjani8’s Yokoyama & Murakumi did nothing but shout & scream in the background .

    WITH LOVE’s ❤

  6. amaiyume said,

    lol, I thought it was going to be a messy song…I dunno, when there’s that many people on it it was bound to be a little eh…

    And I agree, WIth Love was a good song 🙂

  7. Karen said,

    Home Party is basically something on what Kanjani8 might sing . Too bad With Love’s not released as an A-side cos I’m sure it will do fine alongside with Ai Kakumei

  8. amaiyume said,

    oh ew…then I didn’t miss out on anything since I don’t care for Kanjani8’s music XD
    I agree. This could have been a double A-side…although I am more partial than Ai Kakumei 🙂

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