AZU – いますぐに… [5th Single]

January 28, 2009 at 11:36 pm (AZU) (, )


AZU’s 5th single, entitled いますぐに…, was released on 01.28.09.

いますぐに… is a sweet love song. The song starts off with the chorus and AZU’s vocals are very light and pretty, supporting the music well although there is something missing that makes it really appealing. This continues onto the verses as her vocals are basically the exact same but there is just a certain element that holds the song back from being good. I think the biggest problem with this song is that the emotions don’t come strongly enough and AZU’s voice just remains too soft and sweet the entire time.

恋におちて -Fall In Love- is the single’s B-side, originally rumored to be the A-side. There is a relaxing and breezy atmosphere about this song and her vocals are much better supported. It shows a different side to AZU’s music and this tropical song should have been the single’s title track without a doubt.

In order to promote the single, a PV for いますぐに… was made. The video is extremely simple, featuring AZU writing the lyrics to the song and working. It’s so boring that it supports the atmosphere of the song.

Single Ranking: C

AZU falls flat with this uninteresting and unappealing song. It feels so generic and “done before,” only pushed to the worst by a lack of emotional presence. The B-side is a huge step up so hopefully she’ll bring something stronger with her next effort.

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