Aira Mitsuki – サヨナラ Technopolis [4th Single]

January 17, 2009 at 11:56 pm (Aira Mitsuki) (, )


Aira Mitsuki’s 4th single, entitled サヨナラ Technopolis, was released on 01.21.09. The idea for the song came from Aira’s disappointment about the condition of our planet due to global warming and what not so the the title track emerged as a song from that idea. Aira also bought some land on the moon, as seen in the single’s cover.

サヨナラ Technopolis is one of Aira’s most addictive songs to date, featuring a very cool atmosphere that the listener can get hooked on. The song begins with the hook, featuring some English phrases such as “plastic baby” and “technology, my world,” which catch the listener’s ear before we brought into the amazing first verse. On the verses, Aira does a sort of combination of singing and rapping, which make the verses the best part of the entire song. Her voice sounds so cool here and the almost robotic element to it just suits the music so well. The chorus is really simple, just featuring Aira repeatedly singing the title of the song. Although the pronounciation is a little iffy so it’s hard to really catch all the syllables, she sounds great. サヨナラ Technopolis is one addictive electropop song, which keeps the listener addicted from beginning to end.

HIGH HD スニーカー is the single’s first B-side and is a very interesting number. The song begins with a soft and starry atmosphere as Aira sings over a pretty and sweet instrumental, coming close to a ballad sound. It’s very comforting and suddenly, the song switches gears and takes on a cool and aggressive tone. The vocals are distorted and it even sounds like other people are singing on the track at some points but it actually adds to the song’s uniqueness and coolness. In the middle of the song, it seems like it’s coming to an end as we can hear static fading but that is only to fool the listener as the highly aggressive music comes back in and stirs things up again. HIGH HD スニーカー is definitely a song to be remembered and a strong compliment to the A-side.

The second B-side is COSMiC CHOPPER, an absolutely fantastic electropop dance number. Opening the song is an addictive electropop dance instrumental that will have the listener falling in love with the song’s sound. Then Aira comes on for the first verse and there is a soft and mellow feeling to it that sounds great, complimenting Aira’s very pretty vocals. On the chorus, there are various English phrases which pop nicely and it’s during this part of the song that it has a sort of electronic disco feeling to it. However it’s the moments of pure instrumentation that really come through shining because they just sound so cool and addictive.

distant STARS closes off the single. The song begins with a very slow and soft instrumentation that somehow gives off the feeling of being home. At first, her vocals are very distorted and after what feels like a switch being turned, the distortion turns off and we get to see Aira’s real vocals. distant STARS is a pretty simple song but somehow, it works and is a nice balance to the other more upbeat numbers on the single.

In order to promote the single, a PV for サヨナラ Technopolis was made. The video continues to trend of Aira’s fun and colorful videos although this one gets strays a little away from all the animated stuff just because it features a scene of Aira walking in a dark building. Even though you can’t see her face, it comes across as the best part of the entire video. Don’t misunderstand it though because the video is mostly animated stuff but it’s nice to see Aira without them.

Single Ranking: A

Aira Mitsuki definitely stepped up her game with this single. サヨナラ Technopolis is probably her strongest A-side to date and the B-sides really compliment it. COSMiC CHOPPER is absolutely addictive and could have served as the A-side. HIGH HD スニーカー and distant STARS are also great tracks worth checking out. It’s really a single everyone should check out since it shows the true power of Aira.


  1. Selryam said,


  2. amaiyume said,

    well I’m sure you’ve already seen the Sayonara Technopolis PV so that needs no explanation

    actually, I wrote the reviews of three B-sides based off of the previews on her myspace XD

    I really wanted to write a review so even though I didn’t hear the full songs, I reviewed them anyway 😛

  3. Selryam said,

    Aww, damn… And this really got my hopes up, too…

    It was a good review, though, despite the fact that you did it from half-length previews. 😛

  4. amaiyume said,

    hahaha sorry!!!
    I haven’t written that many reviews this month due to school so I just had to write one and knew Sayonara Technopolis was coming out this month so I went for it 😛

    But I do hope the full length songs leak soon…especially the 1st 2 B-sides (COSMiC CHOPPER the most)

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