Ito Christine – groovy x2 [Digital Single]

December 30, 2008 at 3:35 pm (Ito Yuna) (, )


In order to further promote Ito Yuna’s latest single, 恋は groovy x2, she took on the alter ego of Ito Christine. She released an English version of the song, newly titled groovy x2, released digitally.

There really is no change between 恋は groovy x2 and groovy x2 except for the fact that the latter is in English. The music is exactly the same and most of the notes match up between both versions perfectly. However more vocalizations with more lasting power are noticeable in this English version. Also the “hey girl” in the original is now replaced with “all right.” It does sound a little annoying that she repeats “love is so groovy groovy” so many times in the chorus but overall, it’s a nice English version of the song. The Japanese version is definitely superior but it was a fun idea to have an alter ego record an English version.

In order to promote the single, a PV for groovy x2 was made. The video consists of an opening interview between Christine and Mr. Goobi. She asks various questions and he responds each time with “goobi.” The rest of the video is set up like a live performance of the song by Mr. Goobi and other scenes of Christine spreading the word about “goobi.” It’s a very very strange video but I suppose it fits with the fun light-hearted energy of the song.

Single Ranking: B

groovy x2 is nowhere as strong 恋は groovy x2 but it was a nice idea to have an English version as Yuna sounds vey comfortable and natural singing it. I think we will be seeing more of Christine in the future.

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