Shiraishi Nori – Fighter [4th Single]

December 23, 2008 at 3:08 am (Shiraishi Nori) (, )


Shiraishi Nori’s 4th single, entitled Fighter, was released on 12.17.08. This comes as her first single under her new name (her original name being Shiraishi Kikyo).

Nori teams up with SPOCK for the title track, Fighter. The song starts off with a mysterious sounding instrumental with some exotic touches that excite the listener. Soon the first verse begins and Nori’s vocals sound very smooth here as they graze over it. The hook features SPOCK and Nori doing a little rapping together and it stands out because their vocals just go so well together. On the chorus, the instrumentation maintains its interesting notions and Nori gives some slightly stronger vocals. That last line “I can’t stop. Fighter!” pops nicely and allows for a strong finish. SPOCK has his own rapping section near the end of the song and he adds a certain flavor to the song that just belongs. Overall Fighter is a very enjoyable number that is a huge step up from her last single and one worth checking out.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Fighter was made. The video really takes cues from her first PV for BLACK as she dances in a parking garage with her backup dancers, all dressed in dark clothes. There is even some similar dance styling in this video. It’s a pretty good video because she definitely knows how to dance.

Single Ranking: A –

With a new name, Nori brought a strong single. I’m still not quite sure why the name change because this music isn’t that different from her material as Kikyo. Nonetheless, it’s another enjoyable upbeat number that can be enjoyed. Hopefully we’ll be hearing some album news from her soon.

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