[Part Seven] Artist Of The Year

December 13, 2008 at 5:56 pm (alan) ()


We all wish we could be as talented as alan but sadly we cannot. However, we can celebrate the amazingness of this newcomer as I crown her “Artist of the Year” for Oricon Year 2008.

alan has been one busy girl this year. She’s released a total of six singles this year, each one showcasing the talents of this girl. The first single of the year was the sweet ballad ひとつ. At first, I didn’t really care for ひとつ but after the 5 Elemental Project started, I fell in love with alan again and decided to go back and give this single a chance. My opinion definitely changed. The title track is a beautiful ballad with alan’s vocals really supporting the music, as always. 君想フ空 and sign are really good songs and stand out as some of alan’s most memorable B-sides. I absolutely love the little instrumental section in 君想フ空 since there is such a natural and warm feeling behind it that I feel whenever I listen to it. sign has such a mysterious atmosphere to it and even though it’s basically an instrumental track, it’s definitely worth listening to. 東京未明 is a nice song although I don’t really listen to it that much. But it does compliment the single’s package nicely. This single was really good and it was nice to have four strong songs on one single.

alanartistoftheyearAfter that, she began the 5 Elemental Single Project. She released five singles for five months (one each month) with each single correspoding to one of the 5 Godai. The first single was 懐かしい未来 ~longing future,~ which was the Earth single. This single really got me interested in alan and I think that this single really represented its element well. The title track featured that signature alan wail that gives me goosebumps and the instrumental section sounds absolutely gorgeous with alan playing the ehru. Seed of Green is also a very nice B-side, complimenting the A-side and the overall Earth theme of the single well. So she definitely started the project off with a bang. Then things got even better with the second single, 空唄, representing the element of sky. 空唄 really stood out to me because it was an upbeat poppier song, which makes it special within alan’s discography thus far. alan still showed off her vocals and the instrumentation was gorgeous. My Stage was this single’s B-side and it’s one of my favorite alan songs to date. This song stands out even more for its cheery and light tone and even use of some English phrases such as “organization” and “summer vacation.” This song is absolutely perfect and necessary to listen to if you haven’t alanartistoftheyear2heard it yet. Without any doubt, this was my favorite single of the project. alan kept the momentum strong with 風の手紙, which represented the element of wind. Both 風の手紙 and かごめ were great songs that took on a rock vibe, similar to that of labelmate Hamasaki Ayumi. alan pulled that new sound perfectly and continued to show her versatility as an artist. 風の手紙 emerged as my second favorite single of this project. RED CLIFF ~心・戦~ was the next single and is currently her best selling single. This single corresponded to the Godai element of fire. The title track is a very beautiful ballad, certainly deserving to be the theme song for a movie. What actually grabbed me more from this single was 明日への讃歌 ~Orchestral Version.~ This new arrangement was absolutely gorgeous and while it wasn’t as strong as the original version, it certainly was worth the listen. Finally came 恵みの雨, representing water. I was really excited to hear this single and I admit I was a little disappointed because I was expecting something prettier. Overall, this project was fantastic and produced some of alan’s best songs. It also always kept me anticipating what she would do next, a factor which helped me be crowned “Artist of the Year.”

alan looks to be wasting no time with 3 singles to be released next year as well as her debut album, which is scheduled for a March release. The three singles to be released are as follows: Liberty, 群青の谷 and 久遠の河. All I know is the album better come out in March because I’ve been waiting too long for that album!

Well this has been the 7th and final part of our Oricon Year 2008 Review. Congratulations to alan and her accomplishment of being named Amai Wana’s Artist Of The Year! So I leave with you with the current blog stats. Normal reviews will be again tomorrow and will run until December 31st. After that, only reviews from Oricon Year 2009 will be featured.

Total Views: 85,292 Views

Busiest Day: 923 [December 2, 2008]



  1. blackmager said,

    ; ;
    I have yet to get back into my alan mood.
    And she has sooo many singles now.

    Although I find it stupid that she’s releasing even more singles before her album.

    Although congrats on so many views.

  2. amaiyume said,

    haha, well maybe that’ll make it easier for you to find that perfect alan song 🙂
    I agree with you about the releasing of so many singles. It’s ridiculous. They need to give her an album NOW!!!! But if one of those singles is a hit then it’ll help album sales I suppose…

    And thanks!
    I’m hoping that the blog will continue to grow with even more hits!!

  3. blackmager said,

    She already has enough singles to make a Single Collection album already.

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