Jyongri – Winter Love Story [6th Single]

December 6, 2008 at 2:47 pm (Jyongri) (, )


Jyongri’s 6th single, entitled Winter Love Story, was released on 12.03.08.

Winter Love Story is an enjoyable upbeat wintery number. The song starts off with an upbeat and interesting instrumental that immediately catches the listener’s attention. Following is the chorus and Jyongri’s vocals go very well with this instrumentation, which twinkles and sparkles the sounds of winter beautifully. She finishes off by singing “winter love story,” which sets up the listener nicely for the first verse. On the verses, Jyongri’s vocals reamin strong as they continue to be smooth and she reaches a little higher at some points, hitting the notes with ease. Somewhat strangely, the rest of the song is sung in English (even the chorus, which is translated into English) but it actually makes the song pop even more. The pure instrumental section is very enjoyable as it spotlights the quirkiness and cuteness of the song. Overall, Winter Love Story is a very strong song and certainly one of Jyongri’s best numbers to date.

Tender Touch, which was already released on her latest album, appears as the first B-side on this single. I’m not very clear as to why it’s being released again but I suppose it is because they thought it fit with the theme of the single. Opening the song is the piano, which instantly draws the listener into another world and prepares them for the first verse. Jyongri’s vocals are very pretty here, portraying the emotions of the lyrics perfectly while the instrumentation sits back and supports her. The chorus stands out particularly for the first line, “It only takes that tender touch” while the rest follows nicely as Jyongri gives more strong vocals. Tender Touch was a good song when it was released and it actually sounds better in the context of the single so I suppose releasing it again was actually a smart idea.

The second and last B-side is Blue Destiny. Much like the previous song, the piano begins the song but that clear magic doesn’t come forth. However once Jyongri comes to sing on the first verse, the listener feels goosebumps since the combination of her voice and the piano just brings the emotions to the forward. What makes the chorus stand out is that small moment at the beginning of the chorus that sounds so grand and diverse, setting up the rest of the chorus to be strong. Jyongri’s vocals are wonderful and keep the listener truly engaged with her words. Blue Destiny is a fantastic way to end the song and although it might not really catch you at the first few moments, it definitely will as the song goes on.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Winter Love Story was made. The video begins with Jyongri in a library as her crush passes her. She leaves and accidentally drops a paper on the ground, which he picks up. The rest of the video features the boy searching for her to return it and he finally does at the end. What’s enjoyable about this video is that it’s relatable and it tells a cute story that shines in the viewer’s eyes.

Single Ranking: A

After the disappointing album that was Love Forever, Jyongri gets back in control with Winter Love Story. The title track is a fabulous upbeat track that really portrays the sounds of winter well while keeping that uptempo magic. Both B-sides take on the ballad route strongly as Jyongri emotes wonderfully and is accompanied by the piano. This single proves Jyongri can make magic happen so I hope it continues onto her next singles.

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