KAT-TUN – White X’mas [8th Single]

December 6, 2008 at 2:09 pm (KAT-TUN) (, )


KAT-TUN’s 8th single, entitled White X’mas, was released on 12.03.08.

White X’mas is the group’s second ballad to be released as a single. The song begins with the piano to give that song a nice and sweet atmosphere and slowly the instrumentation becomes more grand, nicely introducing the first verse. During the first verse, the vocals are very good and smooth, perfectly supporting the beautiful music. Well the chorus is pretty good too as the boys come together to harmonize perfectly and even reach a little higher so that the emotions stand out although it would have been even stronger had the instrumentation been more grand. Overall the song is pretty good although it doesn’t ever really have a climax point but it’s a nice listen.

In order to promote the single, a PV for White X’mas was made. This video bears a certain similarity to NEWS’ 太陽のナミダ, featuring scenes of the boys on their own as well as a scene of them all together outside. However this one uses snow while the other uses rain. Both have a dark atmosphere to them that work well but the real strongest element of this video is the emotional presence. All the members really bring the emotions out, which perfectly connects to the emotions of the song. It’s a wonderful video just because it really makes the viewer see what they hear.

Single Ranking: B +

White Xmas is a very nice change from the boys’ previous rock numbers although it isn’t the most memorable. The emotions are clear and the vocals are very smooth, which makes for an enjoyable listen. It could have been stronger but it’s nice.

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