capsule – More! More! More! [11th Studio Album]

November 30, 2008 at 1:40 am (capsule) (, )


capsule’s 11th studio album, entitled More! More! More!, was released on 11.19.08.

The album begins with the introductory track, runway. A robotic voice introduces us to the song by saying “one, two, three, four” and soon the interesting instrumentation comes in. There are certain moments which are quite aggressive and others which are soft and it makes for good variety. However the robotic voice (I’m assuming it’s Nakata) that continues gets really annoying because it sounds like he is just groaning and making noises. It’s not a very good track but it does introduce the listener to Nakata’s style.

More! More! More!, the album’s title track, is the second song. A cool and very catchy instrumental begins the song and the synth is very pretty. Next, Toshiko comes in and sings various English phrases, most notably the title of the song. Her voice is pretty distorted so it’s a little hard to understand what she is singing but just going with the overall spacey feeling of the song, it works. There is a clear focus on the music here as the same lyrics are repeated throughout the course of the song but the music is so addictive that it doesn’t make the song any less strong. More! More! More! is a very good title track and nicely shows off the group’s power.

Following is the very long number, the Time is now. From the moment the instrumentation begins, the listener knows they are going to be taken on a wild ride. After a section of aggressive instrumentation, a rapper comes in with a rap section and it’s very surprising and unexpected. She actually sounds pretty good because she delivers the lyrics with such rapidity that it becomes infectious. Unfortunately, Toshiko does nothing for this song and her section just sounds awkward. Although it’s interesting at the beginning, the song gets pretty old pretty quickly.

JUMPER, which was released as a single before the album, is the next track. Overall this song is nice although it isn’t that strong. Toshiko’s vocals are spotlighted with each syllable and the moments of aggressive instrumentation really shine. It could have been stronger if Toshiko’s vocals had been stronger but it’s nice for what it is.

Phantom is home to one of the best instrumentals on the entire album. With a kind of dark and mysterious atmosphere around it, the song begins on a strong note. Once again, the focus really seems to be on the music and that was a fantastic choice. As for the vocals, there is some extreme distortion going on so anything that is said comes across as unintelligible. However, the good thing about them is that they do enhance that mysterious feel. The instrumentation is absolutely fantastic here and it even has a kind of Suzuki Ami feel to it, which makes it even better (truthfully, this track should have been given to her since I think she would add her special magic to it to make it even better than it is. It kind of sounds like Mysterious off of her latest album Supreme Show).

Following this mysterious track is the creepy ominous interlude, gateway. It’s very simple and it follows the last track extremely well. It also connects to the next track since they share a very similar sound. Truthfully, this interlude was pointless since it sounds like this same instrumentation appears as the front of the next track.

The seventh track is pleasure ground. The song begins with that same ominous feeling as gateway and then Toshiko comes in as the vocalist. One notable thing about this instrumental is that it has a kind of sound like other Nakata produced acts and that works well here. Toshiko’s vocals here are actually really strong and suit the music perfectly, keeping the listener hooked from beginning to end. This is another strong track coming from the duo and one of the album’s crown jewels.

With a title like the mutations of life, one would think that the song would be aggressive and cool. Unfortunately, that’s almost the opposite. This track is very laid-back, to the point where it sounds a little boring. Toshiko’s vocals are actually pretty good here but the instrumentation remains so monotone and uninteresting that the listener quickly forgets it.

Now we arrive at e.d.i.t., the aggressive electropop dance number. The song begins with a very interesting and cool instrumental that sounds sort of weird at first but after Toshiko says “edit,” the listener becomes wrapped up in another world. When Toshiko comes in to sing, her vocals are extremely distorted and it honestly sounds a little strange but the focus can really put to the instrumentation and she can be ignored. This song may be simple but it’s actually really addictive, proving to be one of the best on the entire album. Each time Toshiko says “edit,” it’s absolute gold and the instrumentation remains perfect throughout.

We close with Adventure, which actually stands apart from the rest of the album for its different sound. There is something very light-hearted and sweet about the song from the relaxing instrumental as well as Toshiko’s vocals. It’s a little slow so it does feel a little longer than usual but it’s by no means a bad track. It also gets bonus points for having a different sound.

Album Ranking: B

Well the king of electropop himself brings some enjoyable beats to this album so that tracks like Phantom and e.d.i.t. really shine through brightly. These two tracks are perfect examples of capsule power and should not be forgotten. The other tracks are nice and so is the album as a whole but it’s not as memorable as those of Suzuki Ami or Perfume. Perhaps it’s Toshiko’s vocals that are holding the songs back at times since Nakata tends to give the more strong aggressive beats to this group.


  1. Selryam said,

    …You didn’t think JUMPER was strong?! Wow, I actually think that’s a first…

    Also, just thought I’d point out that Toshiko isn’t in the Time is Now… BUt I have to agree that the song does get old pretty fast.

    I actually think the album is very memorable in comparison to some of what we’ve gotten from Perfume and Ami so far, but they are still relatively new compared to capsule (Ami especially, since this is her first Nakata album), so it’s probably too early to tell. This was probably my preferred Nakata album this year.

  2. amaiyume said,

    lol, I thought it was okay but nothing like so amazing or anything XD

    Oh thanks for pointing that out! I would’ve liked the song more had it been shorter or something cause the rapper is pretty good…

    IMO, Supreme Show > GAME > More! More! More!
    I think it’s that I like Ami’s voice and style, Perfume’s voices and quriky fun-ness but I don’t really know what capsule’s thing is…

  3. Pandi said,

    Well my least favourite songs were Pleasure Ground, The Mutations of Life and Adventure. For the rest, it’s absolutely amazing. I don’t have a favorite song because they’re all awesome. Awesome Album.

  4. LOL said,

    lmao, nakata is the producer of perfume;;

  5. n.n said,

    well, i’m currently addicted to JUMPER, especially when i saw the video and finally figured out what Toshiko was saying! and the Time is Now is extremely catchy to me…

    but yeah, the album’s aiight.

    i still love meh some capsule tho.


  6. Beronika said,

    Truthfully i really don’t agree with you on The Mutations Of life, now this oh man i cant even begin to explain its grate fresh sound and complexity filled with ever grate emotion. “i dont watch Limitations, Every STep is Elevation.” Frankly i think its a very beautiful song, not boreing at all. This is my opinion. Maybe you should try listening to the track more you know get more of a feel for it. I love all CAPSULE songs. Die hard CAPSULE fan for life, Yasutaka’s work is the best.

    Love-Veronica Estevez

  7. Pandi said,

    Okay… I listen to it and I actually like The Mutations of Life… It’s smooth and fresh… I like the chords. I like all the chords. At first I didn’t want to listen to it because it was very slow but It’s awesome. The album is awesome !

  8. lol said,

    She didn’t think JUMPER was strong XD She didn’t know what Capsule’s thing is??? Someone isn’t quite filled in lol Nakata is BOSS ♥

  9. Jeff said,

    I agree with most of this review. I was not impressed with JUMPER at all, hate the vocals, but I actually like the version on FLASH BEST much more. Phantom was the best track, and one of the best techno tracks released in a while. It’s got the thumping grittiness of someone like Justice (coincidence that he’s also got a few “Phantom” tracks?), looped voice distortion straight out of Daft Punk, and some of the best harmonic choices that are mostly exclusive to Capsule.

    For fans of the lighter J-pop stuff, there isn’t as much here. I’d expect that those fans are the JUMPER fans.

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