SAWA – Colors [Debut Mini Album]

November 28, 2008 at 11:50 pm (SAWA) (, )


SAWA’s debut mini album, entitled Colors, was released on 06.18.08. Many Colors was promoted before the album.

The album begins with Many Colors. The song begins with a sleek electropop instrumental that has a lighter feeling than many of the other current electropop masterpieces before coming into the first verse. SAWA’s vocals are enjoyable although there seems to be a little consistency problem as she hits certain notes higher when it would have sounded much better if she just kept one note. It’s also a bit hard to distinguish when the chorus begins as the music remains the same and there is no vocal change. Although it has its strange moments, Many Colors is actually pretty enjoyable. It’s primarily the music that is the grabbing point but SAWA’s vocals provide some nice moments.

We come to the nice and calming track, blue, next. Opening the song is a sweet and twinkling instrumental that has some electronic flavors to it but it doesn’t really sound all that electropop. SAWA’s vocals sound much more controlled here than on the last track, which is seen on the first verse as she provides smooth and enjoyable vocals. She reaches high and shows off her range at points but it doesn’t sound as random and comes across to the listener as much more enjoyable. Here, the chorus is much more distinguishable as SAWA generally stays in the higher range while the music just stands by and compliments her (even taking a slightly different sound at the end). blue is a very enjoyable track and shows an enjoyable relaxing atmosphere.

yellow is the slowest song on the album with a very simplistic instrumental and clapping to assist the beat. After a nice head-bopping instrumental, the clapping comes in and after a while, it gets to be really annoying. Those opening vocalizations sound a bit piercing but after that, the music gets to a little bit more enjoyable. This song suffers the same problem as Many Colors: the vocals are a bit messy. SAWA reaches too high and it just doesn’t go with the music very nicely. The problem is that unlike in Many Colors, there are so many high vocals that the whole song comes across as awkward. It doesn’t have the same appeal as Many Colors but maybe it would have been catchier had the vocals been taken down a notch.

Coming a little closer to the real taste of electropop is the fourth track, pink. The opening instrumentation is a twinkling electric paradise, pushed by the sweet sounds of the piano. SAWA comes up for the first verse, singing in all English and her vocals sound pretty controlled here, nicely moving with the music. The chorus stands out as her vocals become loud again but they work here and don’t sound so random and thrown around. There is a real cuteness about this song that just works and the instrumentation of this song is easily one of the best (if not the best) of the album. pink is a very good track, showcasing a pretty instrumental and great vocals from SAWA.

The closing song is green, which features a different sound from the rest of the album. Although the opening sounds very abrupt and strange with the vocalizations, the instrumentation really does sound good with a pretty upbeat jazzy flavor that is a welcome change from the preceding songs. SAWA then has a cuteness in her voice on the first verse and her lower vocals really work here although the higher vocals aren’t as welcome here. Had they been saved for certain moments rather than being spread out, it would have been much better. However the instrumentation is so addictive that the listener just falls for SAWA while listening.

Album Ranking: B

SAWA’s debut album definitely has its strong points. The instrumentals for green and pink, for example, are very strong and provide the listener with a constant point to return to. There is something very likeable about Many Colors, despite a little sloppiness of the vocals. The album’s biggest problem is that the vocals tend to be a little too high a little too often. Hopefully her next mini album will feature more strong instrumentals with a little more vocal control.


  1. johpan said,

    Very nice and fair review!

    Surprisingly, I agree with your track-by-track analysis and that’s pretty rare for me since I haven’t found too many people that share the same opinions about this mini album as I do.
    Speaking of which, I should get to writing my review for it…

    Rock on 🙂

  2. amaiyume said,

    thanks so much for the comment!!
    I really appreciate it 🙂

    Hopefully the next mini-album will be even better!

  3. fagan said,

    you’re beautiful

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