Ito Yuna – 恋は groovy x2 [12th Single]

November 26, 2008 at 6:16 pm (Ito Yuna) (, )


Ito Yuna’s 12th single, entitled 恋は groovy x2, was released on 11.26.08. The title track was used to promote GAP Japan’s 2008 Holiday Collection Winter Neutrals.

恋は groovy x2 is a fun uptempo number that makes the listener want to get up and move. After Yuna sings “na na na” over the addictive instrumentation, we come into the first verse. One thing that is notable about this song is that although the song is upbeat and fun, Yuna provides strong and powerful vocals that show off her range amazingly. After a few more “na na na”s, the chorus comes in full effect  and it’s amazingly catchy as she continues to give good vocals, even hitting some higher ones with ease. The title of the song and the following line are the most standout parts of the chorus. The song closes with some great adlibbing, followed by the line that runs through the back of the instrumentation “baby come with me tonight, baby come into the light.” One thing that might irk the listener is that last “groovy,” which feels a little out of place.

真冬の星座 is the B-side. The piano opens the song on a strong note, immediately drawing at the listener’s emotions. Yuna then comes in and sings the first verse and she sounds absolutely fantastic here as her vocals smoothly carress the beautiful music. Although the chorus is hard to find at first, once it becomes clear, the listener doesn’t want to let it go as Yuna really makes you believe her singing. This is a fantastic ballad worth checking out an a strong compliment to the uptempo A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 恋は groovy x2 was made. The video generally features Yuna in GAP’s clothing and just showing off their products. Although it may not be particularly eventful, it does capture the fun spirit of the song well.

Single Ranking: A

Following the fantastic single miss you, Yuna comes back stronger than ever with 恋は groovy x2. The title track shows off Yuna’s vocals over an addictive instrumental while the B-side brings up the pretty and sweet emotions of the heart. It’s another solid from Yuna and certainly one to celebrate.


  1. Karen said,

    erm dude isn’t Koi wa groovyx2 Yuna’s 12th & not her 11th single ? her 11th single’s miss you what

  2. amaiyume said,

    woops! thanks Karen!!

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