Kitahara Aiko – その笑顔よ 永遠に [17th Single]

November 23, 2008 at 10:19 pm (Kitahara Aiko) (, )


Kitahara Aiko’s 17th single, entitled その笑顔よ 永遠に, was released on 11.05.08.

その笑顔よ 永遠に is a fabulous Spanish love song. The song opens with the Spanish guitar, taking the listener off into paradise. Aiko then comes in on the first verse and her smooth vocals wrap around the gorgeous music, only adding to the flavor of the song. The chorus really stands out particularly for the title of the song, which is the very first line. The way that the first few syllables are stressed is the chorus’ selling point and it definitely catches the listener’s ear. On the pure instrumental, the guitars come out and add even more flavor to the already brilliant instrumentation. This is a fantastic song and Aiko definitely brings it to life.

ラベンダー is the single’s B-side and a very nice one at that. There’s something so peaceful and pretty about this song that it strikes the listener’s heart so sweetly. Aiko’s vocals sound great here and they perfectly  support the music. It’s another great song from Aiko and a good compliment to the upbeat A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for その笑顔よ 永遠に was made. The video features some very nice scenes such as Aiko standing by some pink flowers as well a scene of her resting on a bed. However it’s the other scenes that make it look like it’s from a drama, complimenting the song all the more.

Single Ranking: A

その笑顔よ 永遠に is definitely a song to remember, effectively channeling the Spanish guitar to create a memorable upbeat instrumental. The B-side, on the other hand, is a sweet and touching song made sure to catch the listener’s ear. On both songs, Aiko’s vocals compliment the music in order to bring the songs to fruitful life. I look forward to what she’ll bring in the future after this single.

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