Hangry & Angry – Kill Me Kiss Me [Debut Mini Album]

November 23, 2008 at 5:59 pm (Hangry & Angry) (, )


Newly formed H!P unit, Hangry & Angry, consists of 4th generation Morning Musume members Ishikawa Rika and Yoshizawa Hitomi. Their debut mini album, entitled Kill Me Kiss Me, was released on 11.19.08.

The first song is the title track Kill Me Kiss Me. An aggressive rock-filled instrumental supports the girls as they bring the chorus, fueled with emotion and angst. Surprisingly, their voices take on this angry sound very well and the whole atmosphere of the song really comes to life. Although the title of the song is sung slightly strangely, the listener pays attention to these girls as they bring the emotions to the forefront. On the verses, there is a very mysterious feeling as the instrumentation has a spacey effect and the girls’ vocals take on a more delicate feeling that signals loss. Kill Me Kiss Me serves as a good title track, introducing the rock sound to match the girls’ image.

Continuing that rock sound is the second song, Angelia. With this opening instrumental, the listener is another world and soon the rock sounds come crashing in to make it sound like a song supporting a video game. Soon the girls come in for the first verse and yet again, the vocals go perfectly with the music to catch the listener’s attention. On the chorus, the rock instruments come back to play and the girls’ vocals are lighter here, which actually works in their favor as it sounds like they are crying out for Angelia. The emotions are portrayed fantastically and the girls really bring the cold and desolate atmosphere to life. It’s much stronger than the previous track and should have been the promoted song.

GIZA GIZA is the next song and there’s something very Ayu-esque about the instrumental which makes it enjoyable. It’s somewhat reminiscent of Ayu’s song kiss ‘o kill (from her Secret album) but unfortunately these girls don’t have Ayu’s chops to pull it off as nicely. The chorus is definitely sung too quickly and kind of trips the listener up while listening. They manage to do a nice job on the verses but unfortunately it couldn’t save this song.

ロマンティックにバイオレンス is up next and it’s nothing particularly captivating. The one thing about the song that stands out is that it has a softer tone on the verses as the sounds of the piano provide a new outlook for the girls. It would have been interesting to keep this up and see where they could take it but then the chorus comes crashing in with rock blasts that just sound like they’ve already been done. It’s a nice attempt at a different sound but the execution wasn’t fully there.

The album closes with WALL FLOWER. Well it’s not a great song but it’s quieter in comparison to the other songs, which is a nice break from the loud and aggressive songs beforehand. Unfortunately it’s a little on the boring side and the listener never really finds that exciting moment. It definitely was not the way to close the album.

Album Ranking: B –

Angelia is the real gem on this album but that’s really the one. Kill Me Kiss Me is a nice song while the other three just fall flat on the listener’s ears. It’s understandable that these girls are going for the rock sound but they could have taken different rock sounds to make this album more diverse and enjoyable.


  1. Dexter said,

    I couldn’t agree more. And at 2:00 something theres always the same kind of break with different arrangements.

    but Wall flower has a good feeling to it. just not that excitable. it is a good closing track imo but it does feel like they drank some herbal tea before singing it. — but again, that shows what the actual characters Hangry & Angry want — to save the environment.

  2. Dexter said,

    btw ive been looking for a while and i cant find how many units they’ve sold and if they’ve gotten ranked at all. >.< do u have any of the info?

  3. amaiyume said,

    umm, since wiki.theppn is down, I would suggest checking the JPM forums. They have a bunch of Oricon stuff so they would be able to help you 🙂

    and yeah, this album needed more variety…like a lot more…but Angelia was awesome!

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