Fukui Mai – Lucky [2nd Single]

November 23, 2008 at 7:19 pm (Fukui Mai) (, )


Fukui Mai’s 2nd single, entitled Lucky, was released on 11.19.08.

Lucky is a simple emotional number. The song begins with a very pretty instrumental that has a certain sorrowful feeling to it while still having a clear beat to it. It almost sounds like Mai is rapping because the way she delivers her words sounds just like the way a rapper would but on Mai, it comes across as sounding very awkward and almost mannish. She then brings more power on the chorus as she portrays the emotions really strongly. Overall, the song itself isn’t bad but Mai’s execution does not do it any favors. Her vocals are so strange here that it makes the listener lose interest really quickly. It’s definitely not the proper follow-up after her first single.

Rain-bow is a far superior song as her vocals sound normal and the music is so pretty. There is a soothing atmosphere that comes out on the verses, perfectly supporting her vocals. On the chorus, she gives more vocal strength but it would have been even nicer if she belted out a little more. Overall, it’s a good song and should’ve definitely been the A-side of this single.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Lucky was made. The video features Mai wandering around in a deserted area so it’s not very enjoyable. It matches the song’s interest level.

Single Ranking: C

This single is a huge step down from her first single. The A-side sounds so strange since it feels like there is something wrong with her vocals. It’s true she does somewhat sound like ayaka but here she sounds like a hybrid of ayaka and Avril Lavigne. It just doesn’t work and they should’ve fixed that before they released it.

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