C-ute – FOREVER LOVE [7th Single]

November 23, 2008 at 6:57 pm (C-ute) (, )


C-ute’s 7th single, entitled FOREVER LOVE, was released on 11.26.08. This single continues the girls’ string of more mature songs and this time they even take on some rock sounds.

FOREVER LOVE is a fun uptempo track that shows off the girls’ mature side yet again. The song begins with a hot instrumental, almost sounding like theme music to some sort of spy movie. Then the first verse comes in and the twinkling sounds provide the music with a little lightness as the girls’ vocals sound perfectly natural. When the hook comes in, Morning Musume’s recently covered version of ペッパー警部 comes to mind as the rapidity of the girls’ lyrics definitely gives off a vibe like that song. If there’s one weak point of this song, it’s the chorus. The song is pretty mature on the whole but the “my darling” and “I love you” parts come to that cuteness that kind of clashes with the mature atmosphere. Luckily the pure instrumental section is fantastic (as it tends to be in C-ute songs) as the rock tints come out strongly and the guitar is spotlighted. FOREVER LOVE is absolutely addictive (although not as addictive as the girls’ previous single) and it’s definitely another hit from the girls.

The B-side of the single is セブンティーンズ VOW. It’s always interesting (and somewhat frustrating) to see that C-ute tends to put their mature songs as the A-sides but then the single comes down on the B-sides when they go into cute mode. Luckily this song isn’t that bad and it doesn’t go too cute. It has that kind of nice summer day kind of feeling with some rock tints sprinkled around to make the instrumentation a little more interesting. It may not be great but it works.

In order to promote the single, a PV for FOREVER LOVE was made. The video is simple, featuring the girls dancing in a room with two different sets of outfits. One set consists of the suits from the cover while the other set features more casual clothes. If there is one thing these girls can always nail, it’s dancing. They bring energy and strength to their dance moves in order to match the excitement of the song. The one flaw of this video is that the close-up shots are not very flattering (save for one or two girls) and they definitely should’ve been done away with.

Single Ranking: A –

C-ute does it again with FOREVER LOVE, a fantastic upbeat song that treats us to the girls’ mature side. They could use some work on the B-sides but they are very smart for keeping the mature stuff as the A-sides and thus the ones that will make the album cut and leave the cute stuff for the singles. Since the release of their album, these girls have not slipped once and it makes the wait for their newest album all the more suspenseful.

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