Perfume – Dream Fighter [13th Single]

November 18, 2008 at 6:49 pm (Perfume) (, )

Perfume’s 13th single, entitled Dream Fighter, was released on 11.19.08.

Dream Fighter has that element reminiscent of their previous song, edge, while maintaing a light atmosphere. The chorus opens the song on a strong note that keeps the listener entranced as the girls’ vocals go perfectly with the music. It’s the end of the chorus when the girls hold the notes on certain words that stands out the most. Following is a small section of pure instrumentation that is very ear-catching, putting a spotlight on the prettiness of the song. On the verses, there is a relaxing feeling as the vocals are somewhat soft and more gentle, fitting with the angelic image of the covers. The closing vocalizations actually are a nice touch, smoothly transitioning pure instrumentation. Dream Fighter is a wonderful electropop song that nicely gets the girls into a sweet atmosphere the listener can fall in love with.

The B-side of the single, 願い, nicely slows things down for the listener to really feel. The song begins with the first verse and there is such an intimate and relaxing feeling about the music that the listener falls into a dreamy state. The chorus stands out thanks to a momentary instrumental set-up and the girls’ voices are a little more strong here so it makes this section stand out. This is a wonderful song and it’s a very nice compliment to the upbeat Dream Fighter.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Dream Fighter was made. The video is very simple, merely featuring the girls in a black space dancing. They do a very nice job of keeping that certain cuteness style of Perfume and they pull off some quite tactical moves. Although the video is quite simple, the camera angles provide the video with a nice interesting look.

Single Ranking: A +

Keeping the strength from their previous single, love the world, the girls of Perfume nicely team up with Nakata to bring gold. Dream Fighter is a fun and upbeat number that is electropop paradise while the B-side is sweet and relaxing, sure to melt the listener’s heart. It’s a fantastic single and makes me look forward to the next album from these girls.

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  1. Massimo said,

    Hi there! Great review. I found it whilst searching for information for my review of the track on my blog: Such a good song!

    Keep up the good blog


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