alan – 恵みの雨 [7th Single]

November 18, 2008 at 10:27 pm (alan) (, )


alan’s 7th single, entitled 恵みの雨, was released on 11.12.08. This single comes as the fifth and final single of the five monthly elemental single project and is associated with the element of water.

恵みの雨 is a beautiful ballad that stirs up emotions inside of the listener. The song begins with the piano as well as alan’s erhu both communicating a certain gentleness and fragileness that catches the listener’s ear. alan’s vocals on the first verse are smooth and move with the music perfectly and while it goes on, the listener can feel the emotions stir up just in time for the chorus. This section of the song stands out as the instrumentation becomes more powerful and alan’s vocals match this new strength. Her vocals portray that beauty as well as an element of sorrow so very well that the song’s atmosphere comes alive even more. With the final chorus, there is a slight instrumental change that gives it a feeling of grandeur. Closing the song is more gorgeous instrumentation that smoothly takes the listener out of this song and ready for the next one. 恵みの雨 is quite a memorable song and one that effectively makes the listener take notice of the emotional presence.

megumi-no-ame-2The B-side of the single is the sorrowfully emotional 涙. Opening the song is a very pretty instrumental that somehow gives a very lonely childlike atmosphere, which nicely captures the listener before the first verse starts. The sound of this song is somewhat reminiscent of the A-side but alan’s vocals are a little softer here, in keeping with the fragile and cold environment of the song. It’s the chorus that makes this song so memorable as alan’s vocals communicate that absolutely beautiful sadness. It’s a great song and it could have served as the A-side for getting out the emotions strongly, so strongly in fact that the listener might cry while listening to it.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 恵みの雨 was made. The video is very simple, featuring alan singing the song as she is accompanied by various musicians in a large building. This is intercut with other scenes of alan sitting and singing. Although the video is very nice, there are times when it feels like the emotions of the song aren’t communicated as strongly as they should have been. alan’s eyes seem a bit blank at times but she does look beautiful and the concept of the video is nice.

Single Ranking: A

alan closes the Elemental Single Project with a bang as the two ballads of this single show how good she is at making the listener feel her emotions. 恵みの雨 is very pretty song and although it doesn’t capture the listener like the previous singles, it’s certainly not one to miss out on. 涙 nicely brings out the emotions just a little bit more strongly and it’s a great B-side. The two songs have a similar sound so it would have been nice if they were more diverse from each other.


  1. Karen said,

    took me a while to get this single to be sunk into my head . Not really the best way to end off her 5 elements project release but it’s still good for me . Namida’s surely a depressing B-side :S

  2. amaiyume said,

    I agree!!
    It was a good single but it definitely was not the way to end this whole project…Sora Uta would have been a good one for me I guess.

    Namida is depressing but it’s good 🙂

    still waiting for that album….:(

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