Tohoshinki – Wrong Number [PV Review]

November 13, 2008 at 10:03 pm (Tohoshinki) ()


Following the release of their latest Korean album, Mirotic, the boys of Tohoshinki have recently released a new PV for a song on the album, Wrong Number.

There is a mysterious sexual atmosphere about the song and the PV brings that atmosphere to life. The boys are seen dancing in a darkly lit parking garage and each member is dressed in black. They look very stylish here and definitely continue the sexy dancing from the last video for Mirotic. In addition to the dancing scenes, each member has an individual scene. Of course with their sexy image, somebody had to show their chest (Jaejong did in the Mirotic PV) and now it was Yunho’s turn. Seeing as how Yuhno is extremely hot, it was definitely a smart move to have him sitting in the bathtub so the viewers can rest their eyes on his hotness. Jaejong also brings the sexy as his scene features him writhing on the floor next to a glass of wine. His rapping section also presents his sexiness and makes the viewer want to see more. The other three members also have their share of sexy although it doesn’t come close to these two. It’s a highly enjoyable PV and one worth checking out.

PV Ranking: A +


  1. blackmager said,

    Not a big fan of the song.
    But I’m a fan of the video.
    I jumped when I saw the tub scene.

  2. amaiyume said,

    hahaha, I know what you mean!!!
    Yuhno was looking soooo hot in this video it was like the tongue will definitely be hanging out of your mouth XD

    I’m liking this hot shirtless style they are going for 🙂

  3. Mari said,

    may i use your picture for a Tshirt design for my friend

  4. amaiyume said,

    haha go ahead 🙂

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