YUI – I’ll be [New Song]

November 9, 2008 at 5:00 pm (YUI) ()


In order to promote YUI’s upcoming BEST album, MY SHORT STORIES, I’ll be is being promoted as the album’s new track. It was also used to promote Walkman’s “Play You” campaign.

I’ll be is a nice uptempo number. The song begins with the chorus. Her vocals carry a kind of cuteness at some points in fitting with the upbeat and fun instrumentation, driven by the guitar.One part that stands out is when she sings “I’ll be.” On the verses, her vocals sound a bit more cute and the music remains interesting. She sings “oh baby” on the verses and although short, it stands out to the listener the most. The pure instrumental section is nice as we get a nice spotlight on the guitar but it’s nothing fantastic. I’ll be is a nice song that shows YUI’s spirit and one the listener can catch.

Song Ranking: B


  1. Karen said,

    1 of my fave jams coming from YUI . This probably will be the last new song that she will put out in a while since she’s going on hiatus for probably a year 😦

  2. amaiyume said,

    not gonna lie…I don’t really care that much that she’s taking a break XD
    It’s just that I don’t follow her but I feel for all the fans of her 🙂

  3. Karen said,


    well no thanks to influence from my younger sister who’s a diehard YUI fan , I became hooked to the girl’s music . It kinda suck that YUI’s going on hiatus but I think she needs it to recharge her batteries

  4. amaiyume said,

    hahaha, I guess your sister is to blame!!
    But yeah, it’s nice that she’ll be taking a break. I don’t how many releases she’s done but it could be nice to just relax for a little bit and then come back with even better music!!

  5. Karen said,

    well I can tell you on that .

    3 albums
    12 singles inclusive of an indie single feel my soul before her major debut
    2 digital single downloads

    & this latest release MY SHORT STORIES

  6. amaiyume said,

    She does deserve a break then 🙂
    I hope she has time to enjoy her life then!!!

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