SHINee – Forever or Never + Love Should Go On (Remix) [New Songs]

November 8, 2008 at 6:23 pm (SHINee) ()


Included on the repackaged version of SHINee’s latest album, SHINee World, are two songs: Forever or Never and Love Should Go On (Remix). They come alongside AMIGO as the album’s new offerings.

Forever or Never is a dark number that shows the boys’ mature edge. The song begins with a hot and sleek instrumental that evokes a very mysterious feeling and soon the first verse comes in. On this verse, the vocals carry a certain dark edge to them that smoothly runs over the music. They give more vocal strength on the chorus, which makes it stand out more and the vocal distortions provide the song with a nice change although it could have been executed a little more strongly. The rap section is a perfect fit but having some vocals go over it definitely was not a good idea since it takes away from that awesomeness. Overall the song is nice but a few minor changes could have made it even better.

On the other hand, Love Should Go On (Remix) takes on a fun atmosphere.Opening the song is a light and fun pop dance instrumental that immediately catches the listener’s ear. In contrast to the very light instrumentation, the vocals of the verses are a little bit deep for the boys, even not including the rap section. The chorus sounds very awkward since the transition from the verse is so disjointed. Moments when the music becomes aggresive are the song’s strongest point and there should have been even more parts of the song when the music was like that.

Song Rankings: B

These two songs certainly are nice but they could have been stronger. Luckily AMIGO is the repckaged version’s selling point and is the clear superior of the tree songs.


  1. L rain said,

    nice…… GO SHINEE!!!~~~~~~~do ur best every time !!!!!~*_* @.@ YEAH!!!~

  2. lalin said,

    wow so when is their next album comming out? dang cant wait, they are the first group that i ever liked, im meaning all their songs…..

  3. amaiyume said,

    um, I’m not sure. It might be a while. I feel like Korean artists take long breaks between their albums but it’ll really depend on the artist so I guess we’ll see 🙂

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