SHINee – Amigo [New Song]

November 5, 2008 at 8:25 pm (SHINee) ()


In order to promote SHINee’s latest album, Amigo (repackaged version of SHINee World), they made a new song entitled Amigo.

Amigo is a sleek and cool dance number that the boys shine on. Opening the song is a hot dance instrumental with a certain sleekness to it. The voice speaking over it provides a nice touch before the first verse begins. Jonghyun takes the reigns on the first verse and gives edgy vocals that support the music perfectly. It stands out particularly when he says “sexy” as that sexual atmosphere just slides from his mouth. What makes the chorus pop is the singing of “amigo” that comes after each line while the boys all give their own special flavor on the rest of the chorus. The rap section fits perfectly into this song as it also has that cool atmosphere that the song is all about. Amigo is a fantastic song, perfect for promoting the boys’ upcoming repackaged album as it defintely grabs the listener’s attention.

A video was made to promote the song as well. Min Ho takes center stage in this video as the leading role. He chases a girl who he falls for. There are also dance sequences that show just how sleekly the boys can pull off their moves. It’s a great video as the boys are looking hot like always.

Song Ranking: A


  1. kaori. said,

    O: How come you didn’t review the other two new songs?! They’re great too~

  2. amaiyume said,

    they’re coming!!
    I hope to have them done by tomorrow 🙂

  3. Moriza said,

    there are two guys singing in the first verse, so which one are you talking about? Jonyhyun or KEY?

    • amaiyume said,

      Jonghyun I think.
      I don’t remember how the song goes right now but I know his vocald are quite distinct so probably him 🙂

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