alan and Wei Chen – 加油! 你有! ME! [New Chinese Song]

November 5, 2008 at 7:00 pm (alan, Wei Chan) (, , )


Old-time friends alan and Wei Chen teamed up to make this song, which is meant to encourage the students. It also will serve as a promotional song for Epson.

加油! 你有! ME! is a sweet song that will keep the listener smiling. The song opens up with a very pretty instrumentation that immediately evokes a natural feeling of hope. alan and Wei Chen’s voices really go well together and they sound so smooth and natural singing in Chinese. If there was one star vocalist of the song, it would definitely be alan. Her vocals tend to be more prominent than Wei’s but make no mistake since Wei has his moments when he reaches high and hits his notes strongly. The song’s strongest point is the instrumentation. Each moment there is an instrumental break the music seems to take on a different sound. It provides the listener with the feeling of being on a journey and being taken through different worlds. alan and Wei Chen (particularly alan) shine on this song and make the atmosphere so enjoyable that the listener wants the song to continue.

Song Ranking: A



  1. Karen said,

    lol this’s a cute & cheery song , quite a good peppy one for that matter in order to gear up for her upcoming single Megumi no Ame ❤

  2. amaiyume said,

    yep yep, very cheery!! Almost as cute as My Stage, which just owns IMO.
    I can’t wait to hear Megumi no Ame as it’s the one I’ve been waiting for the most 🙂

  3. liuyanyan said,

    I am fans of you. yeah you also so so cute. I am very glad that you are being a famous
    singer. this song also so sweet as candy. so like this song so so much. i am from country of that i want to say that you are so famous to other country .

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