Goto Maki – hear me [New Song]

November 3, 2008 at 3:51 am (Goto Maki) ()

After making the big switch over from H!P to Rhythm Zone (avex), Goto Maki hasn’t released a single yet but she did debut a new song at the ever popular a-nation. Her new song (that she wrote herself) is entitled “hear me” and will be released on the upcoming a-nation DVD.

hear me is an absolutely hot dance song. The song begins with some English lines to start on a strong note as a voice says “I’m gonna change from now on” and “I want to move step by step, I don’t wanna stop!” and then she dives into the first verse. Her vocals are sleek and move perfectly with the music. Once again, the English phrases stand out like “I’m gonna lust” and “I just like a baby.” The verses end nicely as Maki delivers power on the last note, making the two phrases “Call me!! Got me!! Sway hard! Woah!” [first verse] and “Everybody stand up yeah!!” [second verse] really pop. With the slight instrumental change and more of Maki’s sleek vocals that fuel a sexy atmosphere, the chorus becomes the most memorable part of the song. hear me is fantastic and certainly one to remember as Maki brings that energy from her last studio album, How to use SEXY.

Song Ranking: A +

Although she hasn’t released anything under avex yet, hear me gives me hope that she’s going to be delivering something hot! This song sounds like something that could have belonged to How to use SEXY and if she continues with this path then she’ll be on the road to success. Hopefully this song will see some sort of physical release since it’s a perfect song.

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