Arashi – Beautiful days [24th Single]

November 3, 2008 at 5:19 pm (Arashi) (, )

Arashi’s 24th single, entitled Beautiful days, was released on 11.05.08. The title track was used as the theme song for the dorama Ryuusei no Kizuna, starring band-member Nino.

Beautiful days is a sweet song that takes the listener to another world. The song starts off with a pretty instrumental that introduces a dreamy world. The boys then sing the chorus and there is a certain prettiness that the listener just feels from the music and the boys’ voices. There’s something about the verses that just works. Perhaps it’s the calming and relaxing atmosphere that emerges with the guys’ smooth vocals amplifying the strength of the music. The pure instrumental section is absolutely gorgeous and really spotlights the beauty of this song. Beautiful days is one of the best songs Arashi has released this year for its beautiful instrumentation and great vocals that keep the listener from the beginning to the end.

The first B-side present on both editions of the single is 僕が僕のすべて. The song takes off on a stronge note as there is a very pretty instrumental that gives somewhat of a hopeful feeling. The verses feature some great vocals from the boys that show their ability to be smooth as well as their ability to deliver strong vocals. The chorus stands out primarily for the way that they say the words near the end. This is a great song and works with the whole theme of prettiness that runs through this single.

忘れられない is available only on the regular edition of the single. Opening the song is a very natural atmosphere as the instrumentation really stands out as having an earthy quality to it. The boys’ voices on the first verse are great as they show that smoothness that they can bring and it supports the music perfectly. Reaching a climax at the chorus, there is an element of hope that arises from the music and the boys give a little more vocally to make this section pop. The pure instrumental section is very pretty, really taking on that naturalness of the song. It’s another great song that makes this single unforgettable.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Beautiful days was made. The video is extremely simple, just featuring the boys sitting/standing around in the room but somehow it works. The boys look very good here and the atmosphere of the room is so peaceful and pretty that the listener really becomes drawn into it. It may be simple but it’s definitely enjoyable.

Single Ranking: A +

Beautiful days is a wonderful song that really falls on the right note with the listener. The song’s prettiness and the great vocals from the boys make it a must listen. Both B-sides follow suit and carry that pretty atmosphere that the listener can get hooked on. It’s definitely a step up from their last single truth / 風の向こうへ.


  1. Karen said,

    another great single coming from the guys & I’m curious to see how it will fare sales wise but in anycase it’s quite a shoo in for the top spot .

    a bit sad that they’re competing against 1 of my fave jrock acts at the mo BREAKERZ tomorrow as both acts are going heads on together gawd :O but it’s quite a no brainer that ARASHI will get it

    thankfully I support both acts or else I will be pissed LOL

  2. amaiyume said,

    I’m glad Arashi stepped it up because I absolutely loved One Love and then was pretty disappointed when they released truth / Kaze no Mukou e… but now they’re back and better than ever!!!!

    hahaha yeah, Arashi is definitely taking number 1 and I’ve never heard of BREAKERZ except for when I saw their name on your blog lol. Maybe they’ll get number 2? [I don’t know how popular they are…] but I want Berryz Kobou to do well too…

  3. Karen said,

    WHAT you were disappointed with truth / Kaze no Mukou e ?! T__________T . That’s like probably 1 of the best singles I come across this year man be it JE or non JE related .

    BREAKERZ – I love them & their past 2 singles have 4 editions of the same single release & so’s the latest one too . I don’t know how Angelic Smile / WINTER PARTY will fare because in 3 weeks’s time , they will release their 3rd album BIG BANG ! which will include Angelic Smile / WINTER PARTY .

    I don’t think you will like their music as it’s rock music

  4. Karen said,

    & I think it’s a safe bet to say that truth / Kaze no Mukou e will be the top selling single of the year & so far its current sales tally’s 611,773 copies & it’s the 1st single to cross the 600K within less than 2 months so …

  5. amaiyume said,

    Yeah everyone was like truth / Kaze no Mukou e is so great and stuff and I’m like eh…it’s like their worst single for me this year…especially truth…ehhh

    Honestly I’m not really happy that it’s gonna be the highest selling single of the year. I think there are many other singles that deserve that title…

    Arashi’s gotten such a major focus this year and I’m glad for them although I’d prefer if it had been like Hey! Say! JUMP. Your Seed, Bouken Rider and Mayonaka no Shadow Boy put Arashi’s stuff this year (except for One Love which is just awesome) to shame….but that’s just me…

  6. Karen said,

    “I think there are many other singles that deserve that title…” -> eg.s ?

    If it’s not JE related I would say GReeeeN’s Kiseki deserves it as that’s such a great song & it’s an even bigger hit sales & chart position wise than their big break hit Ai Uta

  7. Karen said,

    I probably know why you don’t like truth & why Kaori & me like the song a lot . Both of us watched Maou in which truth served as the theme song & it’s leader Ohno’s 1st major drama .

    If you watched the drama you would understand & given a better & clearer pic with regards to the concept of the song , lyrics & video wise especially with the significance of the lily flower in the video but still I assume you don’t watch Maou , then that’s what I can assume only

  8. amaiyume said,

    Um, if it were up to me then the top selling singles would be like “Taiyou no Namida” (NEWS), “Mayonaka no Shadow Boy” (Hey! Say! JUMP) or an alan single lol. But if anything, One Love should have outsold truth / Kaze no Mukou…but that’s just me.

    Hmm, maybe you’re right. I think watching the song alongside the drama would give me a better idea of the emotions and stuff but I just think I don’t like that genre of song very well. It’s kinda angsty but it’s not like rock…I dunno.

    Personally, with groups like NEWS and Hey! Say! JUMP, I feel a connection with the members. Like I like the voices, wanna follow the members when they’re in dramas, etc. and pretty much come into them having new music with the thought that I’m going to like it. With Arashi, I don’t have that same connection (although I do like Ohno and 1 other that I think is Aiba…) and I need time for them to convince me and then I’ll have a tendency to like their songs more…

  9. Karen said,

    One Love – if 3 different editions were put out then yes I think it will have a tendency to outsellf truth / Kaze no Mukou e although One Love was reissued with the Hana Yori Dango commentrative edition later on after it was released .

    Guess you don’t lean towards angsty no.s that much ne unlike me because all this while I always wanted the guys to put out such a no. because their past singles unlike 1 or 2 have been very happy , upbeat & cheery & it got to a stage where too much of a good thing can transit to something bad so when truth was released it was a breath of fresh air for me .

    Group unity wise , I say ARASHI’s pretty much unified especially since they’ve been together for 9 years + & counting . I can’t really see NEWS as being unified as a group (even Yamapi said that it took him a while to start liking being in NEWS) , not to mention not even HSJ or KAT-TUN but that’s just my 2nd cents worth , dude

  10. amaiyume said,

    Oh yeah I forgot about the 3 editions for that single. That can help sales since you can never underestimate the power of fangirls (or fanboys in my case) hahaha.

    haha yeah, I’ve noticed you tend to like the angsty numbers. And I get what you mean about having a nice change. I wanna see what they can do with like a dance song. Like something mature dance like Mayonaka no Shadow Boy but Arashi style. From the guys especially, I need something to dance to…and the occasional something hot…lol

    Yep, everyone says Arashi is really unified and NEWS is really lacking in that area. I don’t really watch them outside of their music videos so I can’t really say anything about that. NEWS, I can see what everyone is saying. It’s kinda broken down into like groups – Tegoshi and Massu; Shige and Koyama; Ryo and Yamapi. I dunno, I still find the boys of NEWS more likeable than the Arashi boys. Same goes for Hey! Say! JUMP, I like them more than I do Arashi. KAT-TUN, I don’t really know any except for Tanaka Koki who I like 🙂

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