MilkyWay – アナタボシ [Debut Single]

October 31, 2008 at 5:00 pm (MilkyWay) (, )

MilkyWay’s debut single, entitled アナタボシ, was released on 04.30.08. The title track was used as the sixth opening theme for Kirarin Revolution while the c/w was used as the tenth ending theme for the same anime series.

アナタボシ takes on some Irish sounds in order to make it stand out. The song starts off with an upbeat and cute instrumentation fueled by Irish instruments to make a smooth transition into the first verse. The girls’ vocals sound very cute nice here and are a little bit deep, which makes them stand all the more. On the chorus, the instrumentation becomes more energetic and the girls’ vocals give more energy to match.  The song is quite catchy and definitely worth checking out.

サンサン GOGO is this single’s c/w. The song begins with a nice midtempo instrumentation, driven by slight rock tints. On the first verse, the girls’ vocals are great and go quite nicely with the music. The chorus is nice but it could have been stronger because the music was just a little too simple to really make it stand out. Luckily the pure instrumental section made a very strong impression giving off the atmosphere of a cold and deserted world. It’s actually a pretty catchy song and has its strong moments that can be enjoyed.

In order to promote the single, a PV for アナタボシ was made. As usual, the video is nothing to go crazy over but there is a cute atmosphere that matches the song’s atmosphere.

Single Ranking: B +

The Irish sounds of アナタボシ are what made this single really stand out and the B-side was an enjoyable song too, which made the single an enjoyable package.

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