mihimaru GT – 幸せになろう [19th Single]

October 23, 2008 at 7:39 pm (Mihimaru GT) (, )

mihimaru GT’s 19th single, entitled 幸せになろう, was released on 10.22.08. The title track was used as the theme song for the Japanese dorama Shanghai Typhoon.

幸せになろう captures the sweetness of the heart. The song begins with a very nice and soothing piano instrumental that quickly takes on some grandeur and catches the listener’s ear. Once the vocals come in, they are quite powerful and seem a bit awkward because it almost sounds like hiroko is shouting. Luckily she tones it down on the first verse and her voice really goes with the poppy slowness of the music. She maintains good and smooth vocals on the chorus and manages to reach a little higher without crossing the line. miyake does a nice job of doing his rap and gives the song a little more flavor. Overall it’s a nice midtempo number with some sweet vocals although it’s a little bland.

777 (Three Seven) has mihimaru GT teaming up with ET-KING for this upbeat track. Opening the song is a hot and sleek beat that immediately catches the listener’s ear because it sounds so strange for mihimaru GT but then the chorus comes in and there’s that cute and sweet feeling that just makes the listener lose interest. Unfortunately the vocals don’t particularly go together well during the chorus and it’s the verses that shine because it’s solo parts. The star really is miyake although hiroko actually does a nice job on her part. ET-KING sounds really awkward because their vocals are really rough. It’s a memorable B-side but it’s not a particularly strong one.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 幸せになろう was made. The video is very natural and it’s a nice fit with the song, although it is quite simple. hiroko looks really pretty and miyake looks cool so that’s another plus for the video.

Single Ranking: B –

Nothing is particularly stellar about the single but it gets the job done if you like sweet songs. They are a little bland and thus it’s hard for the listener to really follow them but they have their moments.

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