Koda Kumi – TABOO [41st Single]

October 16, 2008 at 5:25 pm (Koda Kumi) (, )

Koda Kumi’s 41st single, entitled TABOO, was released on 10.08.08. TABOO was used as the theme for the Women’s Wrestling Championship 2008, a music.jp CM song as well as the CM song for the Nintendo DS Game Saihai no Yukue.

It’s been a while since Kumi has dropped a hot dance song for a single and she definitely delivered. The song opens up with the hook, sung in all English and immediately the sexual energy of the song comes alive. She sings “baby come with me, I’m a show you something you’ve never seen before” and the listener is instantly enticed and is desiring to hear more. The first verse then comes in and the various English phrases such as “escape” and “Drive away” really stand out and support that sleek sensuality that Kumi’s voice emotes. The chorus features a more involved instrumentation, which makes it catch the listener’s ear and once again the English stands out with phrases like “so many keys” and “open your heart.” The third verse is interesting because it features equal moments of having the instrumentation be less aggressive and more aggressive. Closing the song is the chorus and a following fade-out. TABOO is a fantastic one, definitely one of Kumi’s best and a great way to get back into the dance mood.

Always, the B-side, is a lighter and sweeter song just about love. The song starts off with the chorus in which Kumi sings sweetly to match the light and breezy atmosphere of the instrumentation. The one part that stands out from the chorus is the last phrase as she sings the title of the song with such emotion. Following is a momentary section of pure instrumentation which really catches the listener’s ear because there is such a pop feeling that makes fuses with the midtempo. On the verses, Kumi sings in her cute voice to really bring the cuteness of the lyrics to life. Although it’s a little bland, it’s another excellent song and one that compliments TABOO wonderfully.  

In order to promote the song, a PV for TABOO was made. The video has Kumi taking homosexuality by the horns. Kumi and her boyfriend enter a room together and take off for their different adventures. Kumi goes through a clothes transformation generally at each verse’s beginning and in the second verse, she gets entangled with two females. The dancing during the second chorus is fantastic and shows off Kumi’s sexual side as she shows us what she can do. Her boyfriend catches her with the two girls and leaves. Soon after, Kumi catches him with another man and gives them a smile before we come into the final dance scene. The bathroom scenes are wonderful as Kumi looks great and she provides that energy that makes us love her so much. There are certainly a number of reasons to love the TABOO PV, which makes it such an enjoyable watch.

Single Ranking: A +


  1. Karen said,

    this hands down has to got to be 1 of my fave singles releases of the year & not to mention from Koda too . She really has come back in fine form with this great single after the somewhat disaster that’s of MOON . Always’s just ❤ & TABOO’s so addictive it hurts

  2. amaiyume said,

    yeah I agree!! Unlike everyone else, I didn’t find MOON to be a horrible single but TABOO is precisely the step up I wanted her to take. Always is nice but I think it’s my least favorite song of all the songs on MOON and TABOO. and yeah TABOO is like a drug XD

  3. Karen said,

    ya man TABOO gets really addictive as each listen goes by . For MOON’s case , I like the songs that didn’t got their own PVs ala Once Again & Lady Go ! . Don’t get me started on the ones that received their own PVs especially That Ain’t Cool :O

    compare to quantity over quality , I pick quality & TABOO’s a fitting eg.

  4. amaiyume said,

    hahaha, I liked That Ain’t Cool XD
    And I thought Once Again was gonna be my least favorite but it’s actually my fav 🙂
    TABOO is flippin fantastic…it’s the only song I’ve played all day hehehe

    I agree though, quality > quantity. It’s best when you have both…a la 4 Hot Wave…4 AMAZING songs with all different genres…that’s like the definition of a perfect single 🙂

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