GIRL NEXT DOOR – 偶然の確率 [Debut Single]

October 5, 2008 at 5:40 pm (GIRL NEXT DOOR) (, )

GIRL NEXT DOOR’s debut single, entitled 偶然の確率, was released on 09.03.08. This single comes as the first of three consecutive releases for three months.

偶然の確率 is a catchy dance song with a relaxing atmosphere. The song starts off with a sweet and slow instrumentation that immediately establishes the song’s atmosphere. Soon it transforms into a catchy and upbeat dance beat that sounds great. It returns more to that sweet and calming sound while still retaining the upbeat nature on the first verse as the vocals smoothly carry the music along to the listener. The chorus takes on a more happy sound as the vocals come together more with the upbeat rock-tinted instrumental. Those rock tints really come out to play on the pure instrumental section, which proves to be infectious and addictive. This song is definitely a fun and upbeat song worth checking out with Chisa’s enjoyable vocals that strengthen the sleek instrumentation.

The first B-side is Breath. Opening the song is a dreamy and sweet midtempo instrumental that takes the listener on a ride. On the first verse, Chisa’s vocals go perfectly with the music in order to catch the listener’s ear. The music becomes a little more involved on the chorus and Chisa gives a little more vocal strength to really make this section stand out proudly. Once again, the rock sounds come out to play on the pure instrumentation section and it really does sound wonderful. Breath is another fantastic track that nicely compliments the A-side for taking down the tempo a little bit while still maintaining that edge that this group can bring.

Red ribbon ~運命の人~ is the second B-side of the single. The song begins with the chorus, evoking a very hopeful atmosphere that admittedly sounds a little generic. Chisa’s vocals are nice though and go with the music quite well. The verses are much stronger as there is a more calming feeling that comes out and Chisa’s smooth vocals move with the music. Although this song is easily the weakest on the single, it’s nothing horrible.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 偶然の確率 was made. The video includes scenes of Chisa sitting in a theatre and Chisa walking through the desert wearing a beautiful outfit. It’s a nice video that works with the atmosphere of the music well.

Single Ranking: A –

GIRL NEXT DOOR’s debut single certainly introduces themselves to the public in a big way. The A-side and Breath are both fantastic songs with rock tints fueling the instrumentation. Although the second B-side is pretty forgettable, the single is an overall strong package.


  1. Karen said,

    yay you reviewed GND’s debut single , awesome stuff . I think this trio has a lot of potential brewing in them & I can’t wait for them to put out their 2nd single Drive away / Shiawase no Jouken this Wed

  2. amaiyume said,

    Although they haven’t taken to me from the get-go like other artists recently i.e. alan or Tanimura Nana, I’ll be keeping an eye on them and am excited to see what they do next. They’re doing the monthly thing kinda like alan so I guess we’ll see what happens 🙂

  3. Karen said,

    yup I know what you mean by that . GND seems like a pretty promising group so hopefully they can deliver the goods when they put out Drive away / Shiawase no Jouken this Wed

  4. amaiyume said,

    Well I can’t say for sure since it’s their first single but they seem to have some rock tints to their music and that can prove to be interesting or a little draining, I suppose we’ll see.

    I’m guessing Drive away will be the more upbeat dance number and Shiawase no Jouken the slow song??

  5. Karen said,

    I haven’t heard Shiawase no Jouken yet but Drive away’s quite a good follow up A-side . I think it’s a bit silly for them to put 2 remixes of Drive away in their upcoming single though but ah well

  6. amaiyume said,

    Well I can’t wait to hear it then!! I hope it shows a different side of them 🙂

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