Buono! – Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! [3rd Single]

September 30, 2008 at 9:27 pm (Buono!) (, )

Buono!’s 3rd single, entitled Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!, was 05.14.08. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! was used as the third ending theme for the anime series Shugo Chara! while the B-side was used as the second theme for the same anime.

Kiss! Kiss! KIss! is an upbeat happy song. The song starts off with a very pretty upbeat rock instrumental that gives a very hopeful and happy feeling and then the first verse starts. The vocals have a certain cuteness to them that just works with the music and the carefree spirit found in the song’s atmosphere. The chorus is nice as the girls sing a little higher and the instrumentation becomes a little more involved than from the verses. On the second verse, the music takes on a different sound with a traditional feeling. Even the harmonica comes out to play with the girls’ voices. It comes back out on the pure instrumental section and it’s just so interesting and memorable that the listener just falls in love with this part of the song before the hook comes back in.

みんなだいすき, serves as the single’s B-side. The song opens with a catchy and sweet poppish instrumental with rock tints to make it stand out. On the first verse, the girls’ vocals move very well with the music and there’s still thta happy element to the song that catches the listener’s ear. The chorus is a little lacking but it’s cute, which is what they were going for. Sections of pure instrumentation are this song’s strongest points and allow the listener moments of sheer bliss. Overall it’s a step down from the A-side but it’s a nice song.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! was made. The video is pretty simple and cute, featuring the girls as schoolgirls just having fun in the classroom and the halls. It’s certainly colorful and pretty so it’s a nice watch every now and then.

Single Ranking: B +

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! and みんなだいすき both take on slight rock tints in order to create interesting instrumentals for the listener to enjoy. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! is the stronger song as the girls’ voices as well as the interesting presence of the instrumentation create an atmosphere that is addictive. The girls’ first single of the year ended on a pretty good note.

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