Tohoshinki – 주문 (MIROTIC) [4th Korean Album]

September 27, 2008 at 5:08 pm (Tohoshinki) (, )

주문 (MIROTIC), a hot and edgy dance track, serves as the album’s title track. Opening the song is an addictive dance instrumental that immediately catches the listener’s ear. The vocals during the first verse help establish that sexy edginess that the boys are taking on as the image theme and their vocals perfectly follow the beat. During the chorus, the music becomes more aggressive and when they sing “I got you under my skin,” the listener absolutely melts. The various English phrases throughout the song such as “chrome heart” and “red ocean” can be a little hard to decipher but they provide the song with a few moments to pop every now and then. Of course the rap section fits perfectly on this song with that sleek coolness that the song suits perfectly. Next is an absolutely fantastic vocal that blows the listener’s away from the pure power. More of the chorus comes to close the song on a strong way as they sing “I got you under my skin” with a sexy element about it. This is a brilliant song from the boys and definitely one the listener can enjoy as the boys take on that sexy route so strongly.

Up next is Wrong Number, which slows things down a bit while still keeping a dance feel. The song starts off with a very interesting and sleek instrumentation with somewhat of a dark atmosphere that nicely introduces the first verse. The vocals have a nice edge to them that continues that sexy atmosphere that the boys are going for. The chorus is simple as the lyrics are all in English as they say “you’ve got the wrong number.” With only three lines, the listener wants a little more but it fits so nicely with the overall atmosphere of the song that it’s still enjoyable. The vocal power comes out on the third verse, where some of the member show what they can do. The rapping section fits very nicely with the dark atmosphere and makes for a standout section of the song. As Jaejong’s first time rapping, he did a very good job because his voice just moves so well with the music. Although it isn’t as strong as the title track, it’s a nice follow-up worth the listen.

노을..바라보다, the album’s first ballad, follows Wrong Number. A very pretty piano-driven instrumental begins the song and then on the first verse, the vocals portray such emotion that the listener really believes what they are singing. They do some fantastic harmonizing on the chorus and the prettiness of the instrumentation really swells the emotions inside the listener. The emotions are clear; the vocals are strong and the atmosphere established by the instrumentation is beautiful, making this a standout song on the album and another one in a string of strong songs from the boys.

We come back to more upbeat music for the fourth song, CRAZY LOVE. A very slick and cool instrumentation takes the song off and then a sweet edgy pop sound comes through to introduce the first verse. The vocals here ae somewhat distorted in keeping with the music but it works really well and catches the listener’s ear. The chorus is enjoyable as they reach a little higher and the vocals suit the lightness of the music so perfectly. Once again, the boys bring strength, keeping the interest level of the listener high and ready for the next track.

HEY! (Don’t bring me down) maintains that upbeat sound from the last song but in a more aggressive dance way. The opening instrumentation sounds fantastic and then the first verse comes in, complete with sleek and sexy vocals to make the listener melt. During the chorus, the aggression of the instrumental comes full force to match the edginess of the boys’ vocals. There is a nice little hook of repeating “give it away” and it is a very nice fit for the song. One part that really stands out is the pure instrumental section and it’s just so strong that the listener can’t not fall in love with it. HEY! (Don’t bring me down) is one of the best songs the album has to offer so it’s definitely one to listen to.

Going back to the slow songs is 넌 나의 노래. Unfortunately, after a series of great songs, this midtempo number falls a little bit flat. The problem with this song is that the music is nice, the vocals are nice and that’s it: everything is just nice. There’s no clear strong point in the song so the listener just sort of wafts through the three and a half minutes. It would have been better if this song would have been left off of the album.

무지개 nicely raises the interest level as the boys come back to a dance song. A very upbeat poppish instrumental that channels what feels like older sounds begins the song and immediately the listener’s attention is caught. The first verse features some smooth and sexy vocals that go perfectly with the music that go with the whole atmosphere of the album. On the chorus, the lyrics are sung with a certain rapidity and the music just becomes lighter to really give the image of a rainbow. This is another one of the album’s jewels and while it is not as aggressive as some of the other songs, it is still addictive and worth the listen.

Continuing the prettiness is 낙원. It sort of draws on cues from the last track to keep the listener in the same pretty and sweet atmosphere, this time taking the tempo down a little bit to make a midtempo number. The vocals are great again and really move well with the music to make this an enjoyable and catchy song.

악녀 (Are you A Good Girl?) brings the listener back to that hot dance sound that the boys sound so comfortable on. The instrumentation is sleek and aggressive and that aggression is seen predominantly on the chorus, particularly on the fast parts. During the verses, the boys nicely keep that sleekness and sexiness so well that the listener once again can just melt. Surely it’s a standout song as the boys stick to the genre that they can shine so strongly on.

Well Flower Lady was an attempt and a sweet and cute number to finish the album but it’s actually one of the more forgettable songs, if not the most forgettable. The music sort of draws on without ever really coming to one standout point so although the idea was nice, it just wasn’t executed well.

Album Ranking: A –

This is a great album, particularly for the edgy dance tracks such as Mirotic, HEY (Don’t bring me down) and 악녀 (Are you A Good Girl?). On slower and prettier numbers like 무지개 and 낙원. There are few misteps on this album, which makes for an enjoyable process.


  1. Raid said,

    I’ve yet to listen to this album, but the covers and PV for this album is the sexiest DBSK has done in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG while.

  2. amaiyume said,

    yeah yeah!! It comes across on some of the songs as well so I wold say it’s worth a listen 🙂

    Mirotic (the song) is absolute hotness!!!

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