Morning Musume – ペッパー警部 [37th Single]

September 22, 2008 at 5:08 pm (Morning Musume) (, )

Morning Musume’s 37th single, entitled ペッパー警部, was released on 09.24.08. Originally the song was sung by Pink Lady and in order to promote their upcoming cover album. Morning Musume covered the song, ロマンス, the B-side, is also a cover.

ペッパー警部 definitely picks up the energy from the Pink Lady version of the song Morning Musume style. The song starts off with a jazzy lounge sound that entices the listener before the adidctive poppier instrumentation comes in. Soon the girls come in with the chorus and the way that they sing the title of the song really stands out. On the verses, the girls split into pairs to sing the lines and everyone sounds really comfortable with another member. There is a sleekness in the girls’ voices that nicely portrays the lyrical meaning of the song. Reina gets her solo line and delivers it fantastically, Each moment of pure instrumentation is an enjoyable one and provide the song with that little extra spice. Another part that stands out is the dance break with the title of the song being repeated and it offers a nice segue back into the chorus. Closing the song is a little phrase sung by Koharu and there is a certain cuteness about it, leaving a little more pure instrumentation to bring the song to a close.

ロマンス is another great pop song. The song starts off with an upbeat pop instrumental that immediately catches the listener’s ear. Then the cuteness factor comes out on the chorus as the girls’ vocals smoothly moves over the fun pop instrumentation. During the verses, there is a more relaxed feeling as the music becomes less involved and the spotlight goes to the girls’ voices. This is a very nice compliment to the A-side and the girls definitely brought that spark.

In order to promote the single, a PV for ペッパー警部 was made. The video is very simple, featuring the girls dancing in green dresses as they move around so that the two girls singing would be up front. The little dance sequence looks pretty cool and the moves that go back to the original choreography were well executed. Overall not much goes on in the video but it’s a nice watch.

Single Ranking: A

Although both songs on this single are covered, the girls bring their special flavor to both songs to make them their own. The title track is absolutely addictive, definitely a necessity to listen to.

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