Kawashima Ai – カケラ / Flag [16th Single]

September 21, 2008 at 1:29 am (Kawashima Ai) (, )

Ai Kawashima’s 16th single, entitled カケラ / Flag, was released on 08.20.08. The B-side was used as the theme song for Sagano Yubinkyoku Monogatari.

カケラ is a sweet slow pop song. The song starts off with a very pretty piano instrumental and soon Ai comes in with smooth vocals to lull the listener into a very relaxing mode. The chorus really stands out as Ai gives more power in her voice, also portraying the emotions more strongly while the music remains pretty and dreamy. During the pure instrumental section, the music takes off to really solidify that magical feeling that makes the song so enjoyable to listen to. Overall this is a wonderful song that Ai brings to life through great vocals.

Flag takes on more of a light pop sound. Opening the song is a sweet and light-hearted instrumental that immediately catches the listener’s attention. The first verse follows and once again, there is a certain relaxing element about the song that comes out as Ai’s smooth vocals fly over the music. Things pick up a little on the chorus as the instrumentation becomes more varied and her vocals remain on their sweet way. It would have been nice if this song had a pure instrumental section because the music is so enjoyable. It’s a very nice compliment to the other A-side and it’s one to listen to.

太陽電車 is the single’s B-side. Interestingly enough the song draws on both songs to make a nice number. With the slower sound of カケラ and the happy atmosphere of Flag, Ai gets a nice song. Although it’s the weakest song on the single, it’s still worth the listen every now and then.

In order to promote the single, two PVs were made: one for each A-side. The video for カケラ is extremely simple, featuring Ai just standing in a room as well as scenes of others singing the songs as well. There was another PV made for Flag but it’s only a short version and this video is very colorful but doesn’t even have Ai in it. Honestly, neither video is nothing worth watching.

Single Ranking: A –

Both A-sides are enjoyable as カケラ is a slow and relaxing pop song and Flag picks up the happy energy. Ai’s vocals on both songs are excellent compliments to the music, which makes for an enjoyable single.

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