V6 – LIGHT IN YOUR HEART / Swing! [35th Single]

September 19, 2008 at 6:58 pm (V6) (, )

V6’s 35th single, entitled LIGHT IN YOUR HEART / Swing!, was released on 09.17.08. LIGHT IN YOUR HEART was used as the theme song for the fantasy movie Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers while Swing! was used as the Fuji TV program VivaVivaV6.

LIGHT IN YOUR HEART is a cool dance track. Opening the song is an edgy and addictive instrumental that is extremely ear-catching. Following is the first verse and the vocals here carry a sleekness with them that keeps the listener following the course of the song with the music remaining so interesting and strong. Strangely enough, the chorus features a more positive and happy sound and the way they sing “the light in your heart” sounds absolutely fantastic. That coolness is spotlighted during the pure instrumentation section where the guitar is put to the forefront. The song finishes with that sleek edgy instrumentation that leaves the listener wanting more, which makes it a perfect finish.

Swing! takes on a more jazzy sound as the second A-side. The song starts off with an upbeat jazzy instrumentation that sounds great and soon the boys come in with the boys doing a little singing. Their voices move well together and there is just a fun happiness about the music that the listener can’t not love it. The verses feature the boys doing a kind of rap thing and it really works well with the music. During the chorus, various English words and they actually pop nicely. Swing! is a pretty catchy track that is worth checking out from the boys.

BELIEVE is only present on the regular edition of the single as the third track. Starting the song off is a very sweet and pretty instrumentation that establishes an atmosphere very strongly. Then the first verse begins and the vocals are smooth, showing power and control. The harmonizing on the chorus is nice although it does feel a little slow. Perhaps its the instrumentation that is so simple but it’s hard to really fall in love with this song like so many of V6’s songs.

あの空 is the second B-side, present only on the regular edition of the single. The song begins with an uptempo poppish instrumental that immediately catches the listener’s ear. Next comes the first verse and the vocals are very smooth here, carrying with the music perfectly. The chorus actually has a kind of cuteness about it as the boys harmonize so well and the instrumentation really portrays a sweet happiness. Although the song is quite long, clocking in at just over six minutes, it’s enjoyable from the start to finish as the boys vocals perfectly compliment the happy uptempo music.

In order to promote the single, two PVs were made: one for each A-side. For the video of LIGHT IN YOUR HEART, the boys do some great dance sequences in front of a dark background as colorful lights present themselves to give it a performance feel. There is also a scene of the boys dancing and they use their fingers to draw silver lines in the air and that’s pretty cool. It’s an enjoyable video and it’s always nice to see these boys dancing. Much like the previous video, this video is set in a performance style again although it isn’t as interesting as the previous one as there is no real dance sequence or anything.

Single Ranking: A –

V6 brought another good single this time around with the edgy and cool LIGHT IN YOUR HEART being the best song on the single. Swing! shows them trying out a jazzy sound and the B-sides, although not as strong as the A-sides, are a nice addition to the single.


  1. Karen said,

    I didn’t like Swing ! when I 1st heard it as I thought it sounded really cheesy but it’s growing on me now .


  2. Karen said,

    btw Kevin have you seen the video of Swing ! ? I haven’t seen it yet

  3. amaiyume said,

    oh yeah I saw it. You haven’t missed anything good XD
    It looks just like a performance actually…kinda lame
    If you wanna see it thought, it should be on youtube 🙂

    LIGHT IN YOUR HEART is definitely the standout song on this single so yeah, that’s the drving force.

  4. Karen said,

    haha ok . Then again their videos are quite low budget . Stupid avex , they should spend a bit more $ on them but Chou looks expensive so ya

  5. amaiyume said,

    yeah, the videos were like on the cheap side but I liked the PV for LIGHT IN YOUR HEART cause I liked the dancing. I mean not that the video has to be expensive or anything but then there better be some friggin good dancing or like a really natural vibe that just works [i.e. the miss you PV by Ito Yuna]

  6. Karen said,

    Ok I downloaded/saw Swing ! earlier on . It’s quite cute but yeah it’s quite low budget at the same time .

    Swing ! is growing on me right now

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