TOKIO – 雨傘 / あきれるくらい 僕らは願おう [39th Single]

September 19, 2008 at 10:02 pm (TOKIO) (, )

TOKIO’s 39th single, entitled 雨傘 / あきれるくらい 僕らは願おう, was released on 09.03.08. 雨傘 is the theme song for the manga inspired Saturday night NTV drama Yasuko and Kenji while あきれるくらい 僕らは願おう was used as the ending theme for Mentor G.

雨傘 is an upbeat song that Shiina Ringo helped write and compose. The song starts off with the first verse as the boys smoothly sing their way over a sweet and upbeat sound that has a naturalness about it. Their vocals carry a lot of power but they are able to control them so it comes across strongly to the listener. The transition into the chorus is very hard to distinguish but the instrumentation becomes slightly more aggressive and the boys’ voices take on a stronger edge. The pure instrumental section is pretty cool as there is more of a sleekness about it that catches the listener’s ear. This is a great song an definitely one to listen for.

あきれるくらい 僕らは願おう is the other A-side, this time taking the ballad approach. The song begins with an absolutely beautiful piano-driven instrumentation that nicely segues into the first verse. During the first verse, the vocals capture emotion and power, really catching the listener’s ear. On the chorus, the instrumentation becomes a little more complex and it feels more grandiose, continuing to show the boys’ ability to connect with the music. Although the song does feel it like it drags on a little at the end, the boys do a very good job on this song and capture the emotions very strongly.

The first B-side, present only on the regular edition is 渦中の男. Opening the song is a fun upbeat instrumental that very nicely catches the listener’s attention. Then the boys come in with the first verse and there’s something so entrancing about the vocals here as they just match the energy of the music. Basically, there are the smoother vocal moments and then the louder moments when they give that power to match the spirit of the rocky instrumentation. The song is very short, clocking in just under two and a half minutes but the listener remains on the edge throughout the entire song. It’s definitely a nice short song that is worth checking out.

The other B-side on the single is 上昇思考. This song focuses on the rock sound and once again the boys do a good job of communicating the emotions. Their vocals are pretty good here and although it does feel a little draggy at the end, it’s another song worth the listen every now and then.

Single Ranking: A –

TOKIO did a very nice job on this single. Bringing Shiina Ringo for the first A-side was a wise decision as a strong song came out in the process. The other shows that they can handle ballads as well while the B-sides take a look at the rock sounds (both light and dark rock). Overall it’s a strong single and shows they can handle different sounds.

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