MEG – PRECIOUS [13th Single]

September 19, 2008 at 5:53 pm (MEG) (, )

MEG’s 13th single, entitled PRECIOUS, was released on 09.17.08.

PRECIOUS is a more laid-back electropop song. The song begins with a line from the chorus and although the music is nice and MEG’s vocals go well with the music, the listener doesn’t immediately connect. Soon the instrumentation becomes a little more varied and the flow is much better, allowing the listener to more easily enjoy. Following is the first verse and MEG’s vocals are good here and because the music is so relaxing, it doesn’t carry that electropop spark that other Nakata songs have. The chorus is nice but once again, it just doesn’t stick out as much as hoped so there’s no particular one section that the listener loves coming to except for the moments of pure instrumentation. Overall the song isn’t bad but it’s definitely not one of her more catching numbers, leaving the listener to rely on moments of pure instrumentation to provide strength.

The B-side of the single is Candy. Opening the song is another laid-back and softer instrumental, this time evoking a real sweetness for the listener’s ear. Then the first verse appears and MEG’s vocals are pretty nice here although there is just something slightly offputting about the song once MEG begins singing. The chorus is incredibly simple, featuring MEG repeatedly singing “candy” and it’s actually really annoying as she draws out the word. It’s hard to describe but there is just something about the combination of MEG’s voice and the instrumentation that just doesn’t work.

In order to promote the single, a PV for PRECIOUS was made. The opening dance moves come off a little awkward and bare with just her standing in front of black. However the whole use of telekinesis was a really cool idea and the special effects actually come across strongly here. Cats are in this video and their presence is really strange and the scene where they are dancing with MEG is just beyond strange. The video has its high points and low points but generally the middle of the video with MEG using telekinesis to set the table is pretty cool and worth watching.

Single Ranking: C +

This single is not terrible but it could have been a lot better. The A-side is pretty forgettable and the B-side, while slightly more memorable, is a bit offputting and even annoying at points. Hopefully she’ll get something stronger for her next single.

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