alan – 風の手紙 [5th Single]

September 15, 2008 at 8:30 pm (alan) (, )

alan’s 5th single, entitled 風の手紙, was released on 09.10.08. This single is the third of the five consecutive elemental singles and the associated element of this one is wind.

風の手紙 draws on rock elements to entice the listener from start to finish. Opening the song is a mysterious cold atmosphere and then the instrumentation comes in which had a prettiness to it with slight rock influences. alan’s voice sounds great here as she sings part of the chorus and the following moments of pure instrumentation are heavenly. The first verse then comes in and alan provides smooth vocals to carry the smooth rock sound. The chorus carries a little more emotion and it helps it stand out, catching the listener’s ear. She holds that last note of the chorus very well and it nicely brings that section to an end. She sings “taxi driver” in the second verse and having a phrase in English makes it really pop in the verse before moving onto the pure instrumental section. This is one of the most standout parts of the song as the rock edge becomes more aggressive before returning to alan, who sings slightly higher with such a prettiness to her voice. The song closes with more aggressive instrumentation supported by some great smooth vocalizations from alan. 風の手紙 is a fantastic song that once again shows off alan’s versatility as she perfectly adapts to the rockish style.

The B-side, かごめ, also features some rock tints that allow alan to shine. The song starts off with a cold rock instrumentation driven by the acoustic-guitar that instantly captures the atmosphere of the song. She then comes in with the first verse and the simplicity of the music helps alan’s voice be spotlighted. On the chorus, the instrumentation becomes heavier while still carrying a softness about it that catches the listener’s ear. Once again, the pure instrumentation section sounds fantastic as the music takes on moments of edgy aggression and the soft vocalizing in the background is a nice touch. She nicely holds that last note and then the song finishes with more pretty instrumentation. By coming back to the influences of rock, alan sounds perfectly comfortable and the listener just falls in love.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 風の手紙 was made. Opening and closing the video are spinning flowers in a desolate background, which actually look pretty cool. There are three scenes that comprise the video: alan singing with her band, alan gracefully moving in her pink dress and alan standing in the area with the spinning flowers. There is an element about both the song and video that are reminiscent of Hamasaki Ayumi and the scene of her singing with her band immediately evokes that feeling. The true spotlight scene of this video is of alan moving in the pink dress that she wears on the cover. With the wind blowing, she looks absolutely gorgeous. The video is great, definitely one to look out for.

Single Ranking: A +

Her previous single allowed alan to try more upbeat songs and this single shows alan trying out rock sounds. Her voice suits the songs perfectly, which captures the listener strongly. 風の手紙 and かごめ both have a prettiness about them and the moments when the instrumentation becomes more aggressive are heavenly. This is another fantastic single from alan that absolutely blows the listener away.


  1. Karen said,

    This’s 1 of my fave alan singles currently . Great single & what an awesome B-side to boot

  2. amaiyume said,

    I know what you mean!!! I’ve had Kaze no Tegami on repeat since yesterday when my copy came! Mannn, this girl just doesn’t know how to make a bad song!

  3. Karen said,

    I know & she’s 1 of the rare artistes imo to produce consistently good A & B-sides songs since her debut if you ask me

  4. amaiyume said,

    I agree. With most of my fav artists, I actually don’t like their first songs (Kuu – TAKE BACK, Ayu – poker face), etc but alan is like the one of the VERY few examples of me being able to enjoy singles since her debut (the other that comes to mind is Tanimura Nana). The difference being though I love both the A-sides and B-sides of ALL of alan’s singles but with Nana, I just love all the A-sides!

    Up next fire and then water!!!!

  5. Karen said,

    Agree , it’s not often everyday you get such an artiste which can come up with equally good A & B-sides songs . Maybe for the water theme , it will be a double A side ? since alan hasn’t come up with a double A side single yet

  6. amaiyume said,

    I think it will follow the rest of the singles as an A-side and B-side [even though RED CLIFF doesn’t really have a B-side like the others]. I hope it’s not a double A-side cause then possibly another song to put onto the album XD

    Well, when this whole project was announced, I said that the top 3 would be “sky, wind and water.” And water / sky were the ones I was anticipating the most. Sora Uta lived up that expectation so let’s close off with an awesome water single!!!

  7. Karen said,

    I can imagine how the covers will be like for the water theme single . Maybe she will dress up like a mermaid ? haha I don’t know …

    The local HMV has stock on the CD only edition of the single which they imported from Japan , I’m gonna get a copy 😀 & I just ordered the 1st 4 CD only editions of her singles from CDJapan too !

  8. amaiyume said,

    As for the covers, I hope there’s actual water this time around. Although the fire covers were pretty, I was hoping for them to play with the concept of fire so I was a little disappointed…

    Yay!!! I have almost all the CD + DVD editions of her singles thus far, I just need to get Hitotsu and I’ll have all of them so far. I’ll pick up RED CLIFF for my B-day and pre-order water soon. I’m sooo excited for the friggin album which is now moved to December??? Lame.

  9. Karen said,

    I must admit that at least this time round , the CD only cover of Kaze no Tegami , she didn’t close her eyes unlike the 1st 4 ones LOL

    but you gotta admit both covers of Kaze no Tegami are great . I ordered the CD only editions for her 1st 4 singles (despite the fact that they’re better than the CD only ones) because I don’t see the need to get the CD + DVD editions since I can download the videos from the net

  10. amaiyume said,

    yeah, like I thought the eyes open/close theme was genius and then she stopped doing it and I was like “what the heck!” But the covers were so good that I had to forgive her. These are fantastic covers, so far my 2nd favorite (right behind the covers for Sora Uta).

    Yep, I like the CD + DVD covers more for her singles except for RED CLIFF which the CD Only is better I think. But I’ll still get the CD + DVD edition anyway XD
    I’ll still be getting the CD + DVD edition of the album even though I already have the PVs though haha. It just kinda is nice to have everything one edition 🙂

  11. Karen said,

    I like the cover CD + DVD edition of RED CLIFF . I’m glad that the local HMV imported the CD only edition of Kaze no Tegami which saved me some $ haha . I don’t see the need to pay a bit more for the CD + DVD editions provided if there’re some extra stuff going on in the DVD content

  12. amaiyume said,

    yeah I get where you’re coming from. on the album, it’ll probably be the 7 PVs and honestly that’s all I think they would add but maybe I’m wrong. Hopefully…

    Kaze no Tegami is awesome so it’s great to have in possession and you can just look at the gorgeous covers!! haha

    And yeah, I just ordered Hitotsu (CD + DVD) plus Water Element (CD + DVD) so all I have now is RED CLIFF!! man I LOVE alan

  13. Karen said,

    wow you’re hardcore Kevin haha & yes I do agree with you , the covers for Kaze no Tegami are great . It’s hard to pick which one I like better though . I’m waiting for CDJapan to ship out her 1st 4 CD only editions of her singles soon

  14. amaiyume said,

    hahaha, I’m determined not to fall behind collecting singles with her and Hey! Say! JUMP so yeah!!
    Personally I think that had they taken a picure from a scene of the Kaze no Tegami PV when she was in the pink, they could have made even better covers but hey, they’re good the way they are.
    I hope you enjoy having all your alan CDs together. I put mine in a stack XD

  15. Karen said,

    haha I will do so Kevin . I’m waiting for CDJapan to ship out my alan singles & I choose EMS this time round because of the 500Yen coupon that they gave me + I use the frequent points as well too .

    A bit off topic here but why I don’t see you on AHS anymore ? the NEWS & Oricon threads are just not the same without you 😦

    & if you could , can you comment a thing or so on my music blog since I have done so on both your music blogs so that I know that you’re reading mine lol

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