Berryz Koubou – 5 (FIVE) [5th Studio Album]

September 13, 2008 at 5:02 pm (Berryz Koubou) (, )

Berryz Koubou’s 5th studio album, entitled 5 (FIVE), was released on 09.10.08. Three singles were released prior to the album: 付き合ってるのに片思い, ジンギスカン and 行け 行け モンキーダンス.

Opening the album is the sleek dance song, HAPPY! stand up. The song starts off with a cool and edgy instrumentation that immediately catches the listener’s attention and then the chorus comes in and the girls’ voices go perfectly with the music. During the first verse, the vocals continue to support the music but they are a little smoother, which helps them stand out to the listener. Each moment of pure instrumentation is heaven but the actual section is where the music really shines as the guitar takes the lead, making for a perfect re-introduction of the chorus. The shout at the end was a bit strange but it definitely captures the whole energy of the song. The girls did a great job on this opening track and it really leaves the listener wanting to hear the rest of the album.

Up next is この指とまれ, sung by the trio of Momoko, Chinami and Massa. Opening the song is another upbeat pop instrumentation with slight disco influences that sound great. The first verse then comes in and the vocals are very smooth here, going with the music in order to establish a light and fun atmosphere. The chorus is a little lacking but the preceding hook is nice. The problem that arises is that the girls’ voices don’t stand out enough and the listener’s attention is taken to the instrumentation. However when they reach a little higher, they sound great and stand out against the music. The pure instrumentation does provide the song with a little needed edge before the chorus comes back in. Overall it’s not a bad song but it could have been stronger.

After the previous three girls had their trio song, it’s time for the other four with バカにしないで. The song begins with a very interesting and ear-catching instrumental that slowly introduces new musical elements and soon the chorus comes in strongly with these girls providing strong vocals to match the edginess of the music. The first verse comes next and the vocals here are still strong, supporting the overall atmosphere of the song strongly. Also, the note that is held right before the chorus is really good and shows the power of these girls’ voices. Between the battle of these two shuffle songs, Shimizu, Miyab, Kumai and Risako are the winners for this cool and addictive track.

行け 行け モンキーダンス is the first single to appear on the album and it hasn’t lost any flavor from its single release. A cool and fun instrumental fueled by traditional Japanese instruments starts the song off on a good note and makes way for a very fun first verse. Easily, the best part of the song is the chorus. The girls’ voices sound great and actually carry a bit of power behind them and it’s great how the first “monkey dance” is sung lower and the second sung higher (this is the really addictive one). As the girls repeat “monkey” in order to end each phrase of the verses and singing “everybody” for the second part of the verses, the listener falls in love. The pure instrumental section is great as it begins with a carnival-like sound before spotlighting a hot guitar-driven instrumentation that spotlights the song’s catchiness. This song is excellent, one of the girls’ best and its placement on the album was genius.

Ah Merry-go-round returns the listener to the shuffling as a duo between Shimizu and Momoko. Opening the song is some talking over a nice and smooth instrumental. Soon the music begins to pick up just a little bit by introducing more instruments and then the first verse begins. The vocals go very nicely with the music and solidify an atmosphere for the listener to pick up on. The chorus stands out as the instrumentation becomes more dramatic and the girls’ voices step out a little more to catch the listener’s mind. As the album’s first slow songs, these two girls do a nice job of keeping with the pretty instrumentation by providing supporting vocals that help capture the song’s atmosphere.

We have another trio song as the next song, CLAP! with Chinami, Miyabi and Kumai. An acoustic guitar starts the song off for a nice slow pop sound. The verse is nice as the vocals sound good but the instrumentation is very interesting. Following the chorus , which actually turns up to be pretty forgettable but at least the hook is catchy. Honestly, this song isn’t very good and just isn’t able to catch the listener’s attention as it should.

The first and only solo song is REAL LOVE, sung by Risako. The song begins with a cool and sleek dance beat that surprises and entices the listener’s ear. Soon the first verse starts and Risako’s voice is pretty nice here. Although there are a few notes that sound a little strange, she manages to sound pretty good and support the coolness of the instrumentation. The chorus has a little more punch to it that captures more edginess and the ending note is fantastic. The little speaking part really wasn’t needed but it does do a good job of re-introducing the chorus. Closing the song is a fantastic note sung by Risako that leaves the listener wanting more although unfortunately the song is over. Overall, Risako surprised me and this song is one of the best ones the album has to offer.

夢を一粒 ~Berryz 仮面 Ending テーマ~~ is a short song sung by the trio of Massa, Chinami and Saki. There is a sort of twinkling prettiness that takes on the sound of a tango. The girls sound great on the verses as the vocals are smooth and carry that tango sound perfectly. Strangely enough, the chorus takes on a different route by bringing a sweet pop sound and the girls give a little more power in their vocals. Nonetheless, the two parts fit strongly together to keep the listener interested. Overall this is a fantastic song and although it is short, it’s definitely oneto watch out for.

ジンギスカン is the other single release that appears on the album. Opening the song is a fun pop instrumentation that immediately catches the listener’s attention. On the verses, there is more of a cuteness to the girls’ voices that actually works here. The chorus is easily the best part of the song because the vocals are stronger and the title of the song is sung very strongly. The laughing is a bit weird but it does fit with the energy of the song nicely. It’s just a fun song that the listener can enjoy from start to finish.

Well it’s another group song that was released as a single, 付き合ってるのに片思い. The song begins with a cool pop sound that sounds great. There is such a catchiness that comes through the first verse that the listener can’t help but fall in love with these girls. On the chorus, the cuteness factor shines but it doesn’t sound cheesy at all and the music still retains its cool edge. The pure instrumental section has a feeling of fun freeness that is really addictive. This song is inasnely catchy and definitely worth checking out.

BE is the last new song on the album and the album’s biggest ballad. Unfortunately the song isn’t that great as the music just stays pretty boring. Also, Tsunku appears at random intervals and provide backing vocals, which is really surprising and un-necessary. The girls’ vocals on the other hand are nice but the music just doesn’t capture the listener so it doesn’t sound as great.

スッペシャル ジェネレ~ション (エキセントリック Remix) closes the album on a good note as the music is edgy and interesting and the girls’ vocals really support the music. Although it’s a remix of an earlier song, it’s definitely a good way to finish the album and have the listener take off on a strong note.

Album Ranking: A –

Berryz Koubou definitely have some strong tracks on this album that allure the listener. All three singles are some of the album’s best offerings as well as the energetic opening Happy! stand up and the solo dance song, REAL LOVE, by Risako. As for the shuffling of members in duos and trios and such, 夢を一粒 ~Berryz 仮面 Ending テーマ~~ is the best one that is offered. It’s a great package and one worth going through excluding some of the weak forgettable songs (such as CLAP! and BE).


  1. Anas Marz said,

    Five is my first Berryz Kobo CD that I’ve bought. I really like their style in this album. It seem more Kakkoi. Among the tracks I love Happy! Stand up – very nice vocal arrangement, CLAP! and Real Voice. Not to mention that the CD Cover and Jacket is very awesome. Surely this is a good buy 🙂

  2. Raid said,

    Why does everyone like Yuke Yuke Monkey dance! D:

  3. amaiyume said,

    It’s so infectious!!! I really like the part when they sing “monkey dance” high 🙂
    And Happy! stand up as well. “Shake your butt, shake your butt!” XD

  4. Mei Mei said,

    I fell in love with the song “BE”
    So sad )’:
    I keep crying to it I love it so much…

    It immediately put it in my ipod and listened to it for a LONG time.

    Such a beautiful song

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