Aira Mitsuki – COPY [Debut Studio Album]

September 6, 2008 at 11:54 pm (Aira Mitsuki) (, )

Aira Mitsuki’s debut album, entitled COPY, was released on 09.03.08. Three singles were released before the album: カラフル・トーキョーサウンズ NO. 9, チャイナ・ディスコティカ and Darling Wondering Staring / STAR FRUITS SURF RIDER

GALAXY BOY serves as the album’s opening track. The song starts off with a really cool space-like electropop instrumental with Aira singing along to make the listener really take notice. After some pure instrumentation, the first verse and there is a hollowness about the music so that the focus is on her voice. The transition from the verse into the chorus is a little hard to follow at first but once the chorus becomes clear, it is very catchy. The strongest element of this song is the spacey instrumentation that makes for a perfect introductory track of this album.

Up next is チャイナ・ディスコティカ, which was released as a single before the album. The song takes off immediately with the chorus; Aira sings “plastic fantastic” which is immediately ear-catching over a light instrumentation. Soon there is an aggressive element that comes through the electropop music, allowing for a smooth transition into the first verse. Her voice sounds great here, perfectly matching the sleekness of the music. During the pure instrumental section, there is a real interesting sound as it begins a little spacey and the distorted sounds provide the listener with a cool change of pace. The following chorus is heavily distorted, which actually works in the song’s favor in that it is very catchy.

Another song released as a single, カラフル・トーキョーサウンズ NO. 9, is the album’s third number. Opening the song is the chorus with a fantatic electropop that washes over the listener while being soothed by Aira’s voice. On the verses, there is more of a relaxed feeling as opposed to the chorus, which features some more powerful vocals that break the music and catch the listener. Overall it’s a nice song and it’s actually the verses which capture the listener rather than the chorus.

Darling Wondering Staring, another single song, is next. The song begins with a very sweet spacey instrumental that is a nice change of pace from the previous songs. She sings in English alongside an instrumental that is not very capturing at all. The chorus doesn’t pick things up so unfortunately the listener just continues through the song without having a particularly catchy part. It’s not a very good song and would have been better being left off the album.

Following a streak of singles is a new song, HEART LINE ALIVE. A nice instrumentation opens the song but once again, the listener doesn’t become enamored with the electropop sound. The song is just a little too slow and thus, the listener loses interest rather quickly. There isn’t any savory pure instrumentation sequence and it certainly doesn’t help that the song clocks in at over five minutes.

There is absolutely no need for チャイナ・ディスコティカ (Substance Remix) to be on this album as it was actually released on the second single. There definitely should have been a new track here instead of a remix. There is no reason for this song to be here.

The next song, ファンタジー・キャンディー, manages to pick up the listener’s interest level a bit. The song begins with the chorus as she sings the lyrics with a rapidity over a nice electropop instrumental. Just for having a poppier and upbeat sound, Aira manages to sound more comfortable and the listener can successfully follow. Per usual, the moments of pure instrumentation are heaven in that they hold a slightly different sound than the ones that run through the verses and chorus, allowing for a change of pace. It’s a nice song that is worth checking out.

ハイバッシュ (YOKENOHARA ver.) is the album’s eighth song. Sadly, this song is another song that drags on without really catching the listener’s ear. The vocals move with the music nicely but because the music isn’t very intereting, it doesn’t do the song any good.

Swallowtail D.A.N.C.E. (Cherryboy function ver.) finally takes a turn in the right direction. The electropop instrumental features both light and aggressive moments so that the listener never falls out of love with the music. It takes quite a while for Aira to actually come in and sing and when she does, there is a robotic element to her distorted voice that matches the music perfectly. Overall, this is one of the album’s better songs and definitely one that shines through the streak of uninteresting numbers.

Aira teams up with Terukado on Beep Count Fantastic. The song begins with an aggressive electronic instrumental that sounds fantastic. The opening instrumentation is quite long but it offers a nice chance for the music to really grow and make a smooth transition into the first verse. Her vocals are very soft, almost silenced by the heaviness of the music but they come through sweetly, catching the listener’s ear. Interestingly enough, the music actually stops and comes back just as aggressive as ever. Generally, the focus of this song is the instrumentation but because it is so strong, it emerges as one of the album’s best numbers.

The album’s semifinale is イエロー・スーパーカー. This song features more of a poppy sound to it that nicely matches the electropop madness. It’s actually a pretty nice track so having it come at the end was a nice move in that the listener’s attention is prepped for the finale.

Happiness land is the closing number of COPY. Of course they saved a great number for the finale. There is a real prettiness about this electropop number that catches the listener’s ear. Her vocals perfectly match the song’s atmosphere. It’s such a great song, one of the album’s best songs perfect for closing the album.

Album Ranking: B

COPY certainly has its ups and downs. With songs like Swallowtail D.A.N.C.E. (Cherryboy function ver.), Beep Count Fantastic and チャイナ・ディスコティカ, the listener could just fall in love with this album. However there is a slew of uninteresting songs that bring the overall quality of this album down. Had the focus been more centered on the aforementioned songs then it would have been a really strong album from start to finish.


  1. Selryam said,

    Ah, a fan of Aira’s aggressive tracks… To be honest, I think she works a lot better in the more upbeat tracks, but that’s just an opinion.

    Just checking in case, but you know there are a few tracks you missed, right? Or was that intentional?

  2. Selryam said,

    Oh, and I mean the bonus tracks and original High Bash, not any actual tracklist songs…

  3. amaiyume said,

    oh yeah, the ones on the regular edition…ok…I don’t have a real reason why I didn’t review them XD
    I sorta forgot so I might get to them later and add them if I don’t forget haha. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

  4. Selryam said,

    Oh, don’t forget the megamix and L0ne1yBoy L0ne1yGirl~ (I think they were on the HMV version of COPY.) Anyway, yeah, this is one confusing album, it has the worst tracklist ever.

    So I’ll shut up before I make this worse.

  5. ryoga81 said,

    While I understand that opinion is subjective, I think it’s unfair to say that Darling Wandering Staring doesn’t belong on the cd. Hell, that’s the one song I CAN listen to more than once in one sitting.

    And as far as the track list being the worst…it really is. While I love DWS, Galaxy Boy and Colorful Tokyo Sounds No.9, the rest just kinda fall between the cracks. :/

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